Byron Castillo to sue the Chilean Football Federation for defamation

Byron Castillo to sue the Chilean Football Federation for defamation

The conflict between Chile and Byron Castillo continues, after the ANFP reported the Ecuadorian national team player to FIFA for allegedly falsifying identity documents.

Now, Andrés Holguín, the winger’s lawyer, has announced that the footballer will sue the Chilean Football Federation for alleged defamation and will remain silent before the Court of Appeals of world football’s governing body.

“Byron Castillo is going to take a defamation action against the Chilean federation. Most likely, he will take advantage of the right to silence in the face of FIFA’s appeal, at the request of the Chilean federation (ANFP). Byron Castillo will have to give me a power of attorney If FIFA wishes, I can appear, as well as the lawyer who represented him before the civil registry,” acknowledged the lawyer on Machdeportes radio.

“Swiss legislation allows Byron Castillo to benefit from the right to silence. We know that they will later go before the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), but that does not prevent us from sleeping at night. He has no legal obligation to appear, he is not a party to a trial, if my witnesses decide not to go, I cannot force them. It’s not like in the United States,” he said. he adds.

Finally, Holguín lowered the profile of FIFA’s appeal: “This match can be played three days in a row, 10 times, and the result will remain the same. Yes, sir (Eduardo Carlezzo, ANFP lawyer) He wants to sell smoke to its people, this result will continue to be favorable to the Ecuadorian Federation by a landslide”.

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