Cadiz vs. Barcelona – Match Report – 10 September 2022

Cadiz vs. Barcelona – Match Report – 10 September 2022

And Barcelona with a renewed starting XI, he added three new points at the cost of one Cadiz who resisted with a draw until the 55th minute, when DeJong opened the scoring in Nuevo Mirandilla, where Lewandowski, Ansu Fati and Dembele completed the result (0-4) in favor of the azulgrana team, which is the leader pending what the real Madrid this Sunday.

The match was marked by a 50-minute break in its home stretch to attend to a spectator who needed medical assistance. After 19 minutes of waiting on the field of play, the players left the locker room to wait for the resumption of the last nine minutes plus extra time.

The local defensive order maintained the goalless draw in the first half despite the push from the azulgrana team, which finally prevailed in a second half with the first of Mark Alonso.

The trainer of Barcelona, Xavi Hernandezfielded a squad with nine new features compared to the last game, even debuting Bellerin on the right side. The coach had already hinted at rotations heading into the clash, ultimately leaving players like Lewandowski, I asked for Dembele.

On the home side, there have also been changes and the surprise of youth team Momo as centre-back on his Premier League debut.

A loose clearance prick in the second minute of the match, he allowed Sobrino to shoot inside the box, but very wide.

Azulgrana’s response was a shot from Raphinha at the left post Ledesmawho sent the next blow from Ferran Torres. The domination of the Catalan team began there against a Cadiz in the background, but ready to go on the counter-attack at the slightest opportunity.

Of the xavier they carried the weight of the game, but could not create clear chances. Until 34 minutes we had to wait to count a dangerous shot. Memphisinside the box, ended up kicking wide after a long play from a corner.

At 38 minutes, the Barcelona He asked for a penalty for a possible withdrawal of Iván Alejo on Balde.

Already in addition to the first half, Ledesma stretched to deflect a threaded center of Memphis which was addressed to Gavi. Subsequently, a blow Ferran He went out for a bit and the break was reached.

With no change in the line-ups, play resumed and the first half scenario was repeated, with the Cadiz attack in the first minutes.

DeJong He attempted a lob with quality, but Ledesma calmly caught the ball. It was the first visiting warning of the second half.

Clearer was the occasion of Cadista Fede San Emeterio, who shot too high a ball he had caught in the area of ​​the Barcelona.

When xavier prepared three changes came 0-1, the work of DeJong. Raphinha offered a through pass to Gavi and the youth team gave way behind, forcing Ledesma to clear as best he could. The ball came at the feet of the Dutch midfielder, who did not miss the opportunity to open the scoring.

The advantage did not change the plans of xavierwho introduced on the playing field Pédri, Dembele there Lewandowski, who took just eight minutes to see the goal. The Pole concluded a play similar to that of the first goal, with a new forced clearance of Ledesma and dead ball in the area.

At 81 minutes, the referee stopped the game after realizing that a supporter had a serious health problem and needed medical attention. Absolute silence reigned in the stadium and all the footballers, with serious gestures and some even in prayer, waited on the pitch.

After retreating to the locker room to await a decision on the game, both teams took it back to a stadium with a much smaller audience.

Lewandowskihand in hand before Ledesmapreferred to give the 0-3 to Ansu Fati And already in added time, Dembele he scored the fourth personal in-game goal.

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