California polls fight to replace Nancy Pelosi

California polls fight to replace Nancy Pelosi

San Francisco politicians are quietly plotting the departure of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is expected to step down if Democrats lose their majority in the upcoming midterm elections, according to reports.

Pelosi has represented San Francisco in the U.S. House of Representatives for 35 years, and her retirement would make way for a newcomer for what could be a lifetime in the deep-blue district, experts say.

The upcoming Democratic primary could likely become one of the toughest and most expensive in the country, experts say.

“When someone runs in New York or California, 14 newspapers cover it breathlessly,” Ryan Adams, a progressive political consultant in the city, told The Post. “Economics of attention to New York and California’s big-state congressional races are spiraling out of control.”

Among potential early candidates for the job is state Sen. Scott Wiener, a progressive who has become a minor Twitter star because of his battles with high-profile conservatives. Wiener himself was careful to avoid the appearance of an open campaign.

“Nancy Pelosi is so respected and so respected that no one is looking forward to her departure, and the last thing anyone wants is to be seen as doing even the slightest offense to the speaker,” Todd David, former political director for Wiener he told Politiko. “From a purely practical, political point of view, nobody wants to offend Nancy Pelosi.”

Scott Wiener is one of several progressives vying for Pelosi's position.
Scott Wiener is one of several progressives vying for Pelosi’s position.

Pelosi would also loom over the primary and could try to steer the job toward a preferred successor. Her daughter, Christine Pelosi, has also made a name for herself as a Democratic activist and often appears with her mother as a campaign surrogate. Politico reported.

Both Weiner and Pelosi did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Pelosi, 82, cared for her husband Paul, also 82, who suffered a fractured skull after authorities say David DePape beat him with a hammer at the family home on Oct. 28.

The speaker has begun to face calls from even her most ardent supporters, who say it is time for her to pass the torch.

“Politically, I think we need new faces and younger energy. This is true for many longtime Democratic politicians. I think people are ready to see something new,” said Leo Rivera, a real estate photographer Los Angeles Times.

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