Cam Smith on Going to LIV for 100 Million: “I Couldn’t Ignore It”

Cam Smith on Going to LIV for 100 Million: “I Couldn’t Ignore It”

Lwalk from Cameron Smithnumber 2 in the world ranking, LIV-Series, it’s not just another leak. There is talk of the signing by the circuit financed by Saudi Arabia of one of the players on the rise in the world of golf. the australian this year he won The Players and the British Openin addition to playing in other outstanding performances, such as at the Augusta Masters.

Con 29 to, that of Brisbane is at the peak of his sporting career and his departure is a blow to the waterline of the PGA Tour, which remains determined not to conclude any agreement with the LIV. In addition, the anti-LIV plan of the US circuit goes through force their stars to play 20 tournaments per seasonsomething that maybe not everyone agrees with, especially those who are still connected to other circuits at the same time, as in the case of John Rahm.

Play less, more $100 million getting paid for his multi-year contract is one of Smith’s reasons for joining LIV. The ‘aussie’ was explained in an interview with golf summary: “[El dinero] was definitely a factor in making this decision. It’s not something to ignore or say it wasn’t a reason. It was obviously a business decision, It was an offer I couldn’t ignore.he started to say.

But Smith, who won $27 million in his eight years on the PGAensures that not only the money moved him, but the possibility of spending now three months a year in his country, Australia, on how his new schedule is going to be set up: “The most important thing for me about joining is that the LIV schedule is really appealing. I will be able to spend more time at home in Australia and maybe that there will be a tournament there. Being able to partially recover how my life was was a motivation. I lived in the United States and I love it, but The little things like missing my friends’ weddings, birthday parties and watching your colleagues have a good time at rugby league games, it’s been tough.”

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