Can raw food consumption reverse diabetes? Here’s what the nutritionist says Health

Can raw food consumption reverse diabetes? Here’s what the nutritionist says Health

The raw food diet has become one of the latest dietary trends among people looking to reverse chronic diseases such as: diabetes. It’s basically the practice of eating uncooked or unprocessed foods that are mostly plant-based. Although the diet is packed with nutrients, retains many enzymes in the food, aids in weight loss, and offers many other benefits, can it really help reverse diabetes? We asked an expert. (Also read: World Diabetes Day 2022: Doctors on how to get rid of diabetes and achieve remission)

Research shows that diabetes can be reversed by making certain lifestyle changes, such as eating habits. Raw food is usually considered healthy because it retains the nutrients that are lost in the cooking process and also contains no sugar or salt.

“A raw food diet or raw veganism is one of those diets that eliminates all processed and ultra-processed foods. Consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, this diet is quite similar to a vegan diet. Unlike a vegan diet, foods that are not cooked at a temperature of 40-48 degrees Celsius, they are eaten only in a raw food diet. Foods such as yogurt, kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut that are simply processed and fermented are also included in this diet,” says dietitian Garima Goyal.

Food that has undergone intensive processing with pesticides, fertilizers and other preservatives is eliminated. Most of your fruit and vegetable juices and salads can also be eaten on a raw food diet.

Benefits of raw food in diabetes

For diabetics, raw food can be beneficial in various ways.

“First of all, no processed food which means no junk food can help you achieve your weight loss goals for overweight people. Ultimately, with this diet, you can stay away from all possible added sugars and preservatives that when consumed can cause blood sugar spikes. Eating Raw foods such as minimally sautéed vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, vegetable juices and salads are a rich source of fiber and can keep you full for a long time. They are digested slowly and ensure gradual changes in blood sugar without sudden spikes. These unprocessed foods it also retains a lot of vitamins and minerals that could also be beneficial,” says Gojal.

But can raw food really reverse diabetes?

Goyal says that while dieting may seem fancy, it can’t be your only solution to reversing diabetes. You need other elements of a healthy balanced diet for overall health.

“With the benefits of fiber and other nutrients, raw food can be part of your diet, but you don’t have to transform your entire diet. Grains and pulses are staples of the Indian diet, and without them and other cooked foods, your diet would become deficient in calories, protein and other vital nutrients,” says Goyal.

The dietician says that the reversal of diabetes is not possible by changing only the diet and ignoring other factors.

“For an effective turnaround, in the early stages, an intensive lifestyle intervention that includes healthy eating, exercise and stress management is extremely important. However, you can’t neglect your medications either. It is important to be on par with all these interventions to reverse and control diabetes,” says the expert.

Dietary supplements (which are excluded from the raw food diet) such as chromium, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids are also prescribed in certain cases.

“Reversing diabetes may not be possible for all individuals, but for some it’s still an achievable goal. Instead of completely overhauling your meals based on one particular trend, it’s better to focus on a healthy diet with adequate nutrients, regular exercise, stress management and regular medication,” says Garima Goyal.

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