Carlos Sainz ‘eats’ Leclerc and is already the best Ferrari driver

Carlos Sainz ‘eats’ Leclerc and is already the best Ferrari driver

Since his victory at Silverstone two months ago, Sainz has taken off in the world championship so much that threaten your teammate. Charles Leclerc has always been Ferrari’s leader and that’s how the Italian team made him see it, even when the Spanish driver had some good results that were not celebrated because the Monegasque had been left behind and had bad experiences. The last race in Belgium, with Sainz abandoned on the podium, without receiving a single hug, showed that Ferrari lives above all for what Leclerc is.

However, if that’s the case, Ferrari has a problem, because in the last five races, those that coincide with this half of the 22-round calendarSainz made a great acceleration with which he matched the forces of the team. Spanish is only 15 dots de Leclerc, already eating ground and casting doubt, at least in the data, on whether the Italian team should focus solely on Charles. Sainz is coming back strong and since Silverstone there is a clear improvement from Carlos and a fall from the Monegasque.

Since this Grand Prix of England where Leclerc was angry because Ferrari favored -finally- Sainz, the Spaniard reduced the distance until leaving it almost at a minimum. With the exception of Austria, when Sainz had to leave because the car caught fire while he was second, in the last six races the Spaniard has edged his team-mate. And you could even say more, since of the last nine tests there are seven with an advantage for Sainz, one for Leclerc and one more (Azerbaijan) in which both Ferraris did not finish the race.

Comparison Sainz vs Leclerc

GPS Belgium: Carlos Sainz 3rd / Charles Leclerc 6th
general practitioner Hungary: Sainz 4th / Leclerc 6th
general practitioner France: Sainz 5th / Leclerc retired
general practitioner Austria: Sainz retired / Leclerc 1st
general practitioner Britain: Sainz 1st / Leclerc 4th
general practitioner Canada: Sainz 2nd / Leclerc 5th
general practitioner Azerbaijan: Sainz retired / Leclerc retired
general practitioner monaco: Sainz 2nd / Leclerc 4th
general practitioner Spain: Sainz 4th / Leclerc abandoned

If Sainz is now 15 points behind Leclerc, it’s because the rents that the Monegasque received during the first races, the worst for Sainz and where Leclerc was really good. In the top five – Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Emilia-Romagna and Spain – the Spaniard has always been behind. Since then, the tables have turned and above all the turning point was at Silverstone.

This is not only an advantage for Sainz in the race but practically throughout the weekend. The Madrilenian has outstripped his team-mate both in Belgium (where he also achieved the pole), in Hungary, Austria, Great Britain and Canada. He was only late in France, where Sainz already knew he was penalized and dedicated himself to helping Leclerc with the slipstream, who thanks to it achieved pole position. In addition, Carlos is more regular: in the last eight races mentioned, the time for a more objective analysis, Sainz has added more points and more podiums, four against only one for Leclerc. Except his victory in Austriathe Monegasque has not been on a podium since May 8 at the Miami GP.

Leclerc’s happiness with Sainz when the Monegasque won in BahrainGTRES

Leclerc started the season as a fine opposition to Verstappen and even He came for 46 points from the Dutchman after the first three races of the World Championship. From then on, the current (and next) Formula 1 champion pulled out the hammer and signed eight victories in 11 tests and did not give up a chance, but far from following him, the leader Ferrari sank in the classification, before looks more in the general classification behind, in Sainz, than in frontalso surpassed by ‘Checo’ Pérez.

And all this when The Italian Grand Prix at Monza is approaching, a weekend of indisputable Ferrari fervor. The Dutch GP at Verstappen (this Sunday, September 4) is still between the two, but the race in Italy will be decisive. Two months ago, when Sainz began to overtake Leclerc, many tiffosis “threatened” the Spaniard with a whistle if he did not conform to what they wanted him to be: a second who was dedicated to help Leclerc. However, now things have changed and maybe all those ferraristas They will have to admit that Sainz goes up and Leclerc goes down and that it is possible that the good options of the team go through the Spaniards.

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