Carlos Sainz: “These are things to write when they criticize us”

Carlos Sainz: “These are things to write when they criticize us”

Carlos Sainz (Madrid, 27) adds his second pole in Belgium as a Formula 1 driver, after the one he achieved at Silverstone. It’s true that Verstappen was fastest in qualifying and that’s why he won the Pirelli Trophy and showed up at the press conference, but statistics reward the driver who starts first in the race. Among other things, because Max gets this award with the benefit of a newly released engine for which he has to serve a penalty. The Ferrari driver spoke to the Spanish media after getting out of the car.

—How do you feel and how likely are you to win the race?

“I’m happy with pole because it wasn’t easy to beat a Red Bull with his speed. Glad to go out front, but not sure how long it will last. Because until turn five there is a lot of flat weather, the Red Bull is going much faster and Checo will be very difficult to keep behind. Let’s hope to go a little faster in the race than in qualifying, because in the race Red Bull is much faster than us.

— The heat is coming, does it help?

— Let’s hope, in Budapest it was against us to go from hot to cold. Hopefully here it will be in our favor to get back to the heat. Because it will at least allow us to fight a little more. They took us a long time in the standings.

Alonso says, I think jokingly, he expects a touch between Checo and Carlos at the start.

— Man, if I was him, I would wait for him too (Laughs). Checo and I are always aggressive but respectful, we have more to lose than to gain if we touch each other. I check on the first lap, until turn five, he will go a lot faster than me, so he should start very well to get to that turn five in front…

—Other times Ferrari was criticized, but this time Leclerc gave it a wake as Verstappen had already gotten out of the car for not helping Pérez…

—These are things to write for when we are criticized as a team. When we do well sometimes nobody says so, today we worked very well as a team and if I am in this position it is also thanks to teamwork. I am happy that it is considered and written.

— It’s the best position on the grid for two Spaniards, what do you think?

“It’s good for Spain, it will be a fun first lap for everyone because I’m slow on the straight, Alpine and Red Bull are fast. Let’s see how we hold up.

“Do you know the post?”

“A little yes, a little no.” The round went well, I beat Checo which was not easy. I’m starting from pole, which was the goal. But they also gave you six tenths, which I don’t like at all.

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