Charlyn Corral appears in Mexico jersey presentation, asks for a clean one in selection

Charlyn Corral appears in Mexico jersey presentation, asks for a clean one in selection

The Pachuca player hopes that the restructuring promised after the departure of Mónica Vergara will be carried out.

Charlyn Corralattacking Pachucamade an appearance at the jersey presentation for the Qatar 2022 World Cupalthough it was not considered in Mexican team since 2019. The attacker asks that “everything be cleaned”, after the departure of Monique Vergara and the promise of restructuring.

“I hope everything will clear up in the Mexican team, that the work starts well, as I have always said, the player who is in selection must deserve it, I hope that he is cleaned up and starts from scratch. Football is about the present and about statistics,” he commented. Charlyn Corralahead of Pachuca.

Corral was not called for the CONCACAF Championship W and was not taken into account in the last list for friendlies in September, even if, it was necessary in the presentation of the new uniform of the Mexican team.

“I might be an uncomfortable player, not with my teammates, but it might be that you don’t like something, I’m with you, I’d like to know why you don’t call me, because we work, the life of a footballer is short and we work, it was not easy to recover from an injury and that suddenly is not valued, ”added the attacker.

In the Mexican women’s national team a “restructuring” was promised, after the Mexican team was excluded from the World Cup 2023 and without the possibility of going to Paris 2024 Olympic Games. They are currently looking for a director of the Mexican women’s teams and it has not yet been decided who will be the new coach of the senior team. One of the candidates is Anna Galindo.

“I’ve always said there is no perfect coach,” Corral said. “She’s proven herself (Ana Galindo), but I’ve always said a superior selection is another pressure,” added Charlyn.

Charlyn Corralat the moment, is one of the scorers of the Liga MX Women and hope that with the changes, a new call may come to the Mexican team.

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