Chicharito, the martyrdom of Tata and the hope of Chivas

Chicharito, the martyrdom of Tata and the hope of Chivas

LOS ANGELES — Yes, I know: Javier Hernández, no! will go to Qatar. And yes, I know: Chicharito has accumulated all possible corpses for his own exile. He was able to erect his own statue, but chose to dig his own grave.

Encouraged by Yon de Luisa, Gerardo Martino formalized his discrimination against the Triathlon World Cup. Luckily for the manager and trainer, Henry Martín is having an exhilarating time with América. Moreover, Santiago Giménez has already made his contribution at Feyenoord, and Raúl Jiménez is showing signs of improvement.

Chicharito goes out of his way to ridicule Tata, already ridiculed, per se, for his miserable numbers in the martyrdom of 2020, 2021 and 2022. This Sunday he scored against New England and provided an assist. He has five touchdowns and two assists in the last four games for the Galaxy, which has not yet offered him a contract renewal. In Carson, they dream of Luis Suárez.

Apparently, the obituary Martino gave him, which buried Javier’s World Cup dreams, only left a small emotional dent in the Galaxy striker. This Sunday, Daniel Aguirre’s serve for 1-0 shows his evolution as a player. Today, it’s more than this anecdotal Chaplin del Gol, whose skill and grace marked the head, sternum or iliac bone.

In the 2-0 against New England, the real one, Riqui Puig, gives Jennifer Lopez a more ostentatious engagement ring than that of Ben Affleck. Entering the area, Javier seems to hesitate, but he makes a basket, to the right of the goalkeeper. His “haters” will say that he was going to disappoint her. His concubines will say that it was one of his Chaplinesque feints to unearth the guardian. Neither? Or both?

The truth is that Javier Hernández is intensifying the martyrdom of the one that fans are already baptizing as the #TataMartyrdom. Admittedly, the Argentine coach swallowed his own statements, plunged into the sewers of his judgments. “MLS is one of the best leagues in America and will soon be among the best leagues in the world,” he said after winning with Atlanta United.

In this same flattering, opportunistic and servile tone, the president of the Mx League, Mikel Arriola, and of course Yon de Luisa, spoke. “We have to learn from them,” they said.

Ironic, then, that far from being emboldened and trying to get Chicharito to support his project -if it exists-, Martino simply decides to discriminate against him -sportsman speaking–. But, in addition, he disdains another Mexican scorer in the MLS, of this league “which is among the best in America”, Brandon Vázquez, who has already received an offer from the American coach, Gregg Berhalter, but who aspires always at a tricolor wink.

But, I insist, I know, we know, that Javier Hernández is further from Qatar, than the position of pambazos and tlacoyos, with everything and anafre in the new Mexico City airport, to earn a Michelin star. And I insist, Chicharito has more sins than the desolate and nostalgic Wife of Lot.

But, while generating microquakes in Martino’s ulcers, Chicharito shakes the guts of Chivas and his more than 30 million followers, with a simple Pythagorean theorem: the sum of the squares of the legs is equal to the square of the hypotenuse. . In football dialect, the 14 of nostalgia, he could return to the Flock, 13 years later.

The versions, in this fertile, inexhaustible and colossal clothesline of rumours, make a childish rule of three: Chicharito does not reconnect with the Galaxy and signs with Puma, which dresses Chivas, therefore, the textile company and the club, would distribute equal parts of the player’s salary from 2023, although the sale of shirts would leave more dividends for Puma.

Add emotional blackmail. They say, those who have so much to say, that in one of the many hugs with his grandfather, the legendary Tomás Balcázar, Javier Hernández would have promised him to retire to Chivas, and to do so without wasting a word, but rather in a productive moment. And we know that idolatry towards “Don Tommy”, especially for some remorse, is the most powerful emotional engine for this attacker.

For the moment, while on social networks a harmless and innocuous hubbub is unleashed between the legion which despises and belittles Chicharito, and the other legion, which deifies, deifies, attacks and martyrs Tata, the reality is that the he lone striker has two bowls to drink between hope and resignation: return to Chivas and try to earn a place among his legends, like his grandfather, or wait for an offer from the Galaxy.

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