Chivas 1-0 Puebla goals, summary, controversies and videos

Chivas 1-0 Puebla goals, summary, controversies and videos

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Rojiblancos and camoteros met on the field of the Akron stadium as part of the 14th day of the Apertura 2022 where the two want to stay in the positions of Liguilla.


Chivas is a team that knows how to suffer in the Apertura 2022 and this was demonstrated this Saturday against Puebla on the field of the Akron stadium, where in a duel in which several dangerous occasions did not arise, Alexis Vega was the architect to generate a dangerous enough game to beat Antony Silva and give the Flock three extra points.

At minute 5 of the game, a dramatic scene was experienced, because in a split ball the striker of the Strip, Gustavo Ferrareis swept to try to keep the ball; however, his left ankle got stuck in the grass on the pitch, causing a serious injury that brought many players close to tears. The visiting medical corps immediately transferred the Brazilian to the nearest hospital to undergo an evaluation and attend to him as soon as possible so that he recovers his health.

The camoteros imposed the pressure in the center of the field, taking over the actions of the game, where they even put Atletico goalkeeper Miguel Jiménez to the test, who intervened appropriately when needed.

In the final stretch of the first half, Guadalajara took over and began to create danger in Anthony Silva’s goal, where Alexis Vega was the one closest to the opener when he received the ball inside the rival zone on a play, cut. and took a right hand which was saved on the goal line by Diego de Buen.

For the complementary part, both teams remained faithful to their style of play where they favor the midfield, so they were immediately canceled, because there were not so many dangerous chances in goal, where the most notable were the Herd’s mid-range shots, where the Sweet Potato defense was up to par to contain all the shots.

La Franja was managing to contain all of the rojiblancos’ attacks, but a genius in Sergio Flores who sent a filtered serve for Alexis Vega to receive it behind his marker, controlling the turn and outlining himself to take a powerful crossfire that managed to beat Anthony Silva.

Below, Rebaño Pasión shows you the highlights of the match:

Chivas has arrived

locker room ready

They jumped to heat

terrible injury

Puebla is saved on the line


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