Chivas takes advantage of Pumas in crisis to link up in Liga MX

Chivas takes advantage of Pumas in crisis to link up in Liga MX

Chivas is once again a string of victories and climbs to seventh place in the standings, after beating the Pumas

GUADALAJARA (Alfredo Olivarez | ESPN Digital) Chivas won, liked and scored. Guadalajara won 3-1 against Pumas and extended their winning streak to five games without losing against Universitarios at home.

The team led by Ricardo Cadena came from behind on the scoreboard and with the annotations of Gilberto Orozco, Alexis Vega and Isaac Brizuela added their fourth consecutive game without defeat in the current tournament, three with victory.

A few minutes of play were enough for the score to open, after the first arrival of the Pumas the goal came. Juan Dinenno assisted with a filtered pass to Diogo de Olivera, who overshot Guadalajara’s defensive mark and with a powerful shot made it 0-1 in the game.

Minutos más tarde del gol de Pumas, Chivas reaccionó e igualó el marcador, luego de que un tiro libre ejecutado por Alexis Vega, el esférico llegó a primer poste, por lo que Gilberto Orozco pareció y con un remate de cabeza colocó el 1 a 1 In the game.

Already tied, Chivas turned the situation around, from a free kick Alexis Vega fired a powerful shot that was deflected off the Pumas barrier, leaving Gil Alcalá unable to stop Guadalajara’s second goal of the night.

With the score in favor and a good atmosphere at the Akron stadium, ‘olé’ appeared in the stands, so, in a great collective movement, after 19 touches, Alexis Vega, ‘Piojo’ Alvarado, Ángel Zaldívar and Isaac Brizuela have finished scoring a dream goal to rock Akron Stadium with a 3-1 lead.

Already in the second half, Pumas was the team forced to look for the score, however, the arrivals of César Huerta and Juan Dinenno did not reach a goal and the university team could not close the gap in the game , adding their ninth in a row. game without a win in this tournament.

With this result, Chivas reaches 15 points and will sleep in seventh place in the general table, while Pumas remain in the lower part of the table with nine points.

In their next game, Chivas will travel to the Nemesio Diez stadium field, against Toluca, while the Pumas will again travel to Guadalajara this Saturday against Atlas at the Jalisco stadium field.

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