Chucky Lozano thought about ditching El Tri due to injuries

Chucky Lozano thought about ditching El Tri due to injuries

Hirving Lozano became the benchmark for the attack on Mexican team due to the lack of goals from the national attackers, a situation for which the rival defenders took it upon themselves to foul to prevent them from generating danger.

However, such tickets to the player of the Naples they caused him different serious injuries, for which he considered stopping wearing the shirt of the Sorting for a time to avoid injury, even though it was his family who put the idea out of his head, as he revealed during a press conference.

“Yeah, I think it crossed my mind not to come back to mexican team, the eye injury was the most complicated, everything happened and talking to the family they convinced me to come back and my desire to be there.

“The truth is that it’s very complicated, I had a difficult year with injuries and things like that, I had difficult times, I was not at my best, injury after injury and I didn’t ‘ve not been able to reach my best level, my family and is the one who carried me forward”, commented Lozano.

Likewise, chucky recognized that each world There is pessimism from the Mexican fans, which is why they currently have a habit of paddling against the tide, although they are aware that they have to put in the extra effort during the tournament to achieve things. important.

“There is always this pessimism in the Mexican teamthe referents have experienced it, we have always done it, row against it, we have to accept it, we have shown it, we have to give more, but I think we are on the right track”

Chucky Lozano in a game against Mexico

Lozano He ended by mentioning that whoever he is, the strategist of the Sorting It will always be criticized, which is why its processes are complicated.

“It’s always been like this, I lived the process with Juan Carlos Osori in 2018 it was the same, currently it’s the same, the next coach, a coach who knows everything, it’s not something new, I don’t know why it will be, but the procedures for coaches are always complicated mexican team”sentenced.


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