Club America’s first confirmed defeat against Chivas

Club America’s first confirmed defeat against Chivas

Thursday, September 15, 2022

This weekend will be National Classic, where he american club He will already have his first victim for this game and it is that one of the problems that has affected the team the most due to the load of confrontations, is precisely the injury situation and this time it was not a exception for one of the players in the model.

The alarms went off yesterday only in the duel against Santos, Luis Fuentes he had to leave the field of play due to physical discomfort, a foul that no longer allowed him to continue the match. However, the group did not announce any serious situation, so it is likely that they will be selected for the duel, since it is in a good time.

On the way to the National Classic!

The problem here is that Bruno Valdez He failed to recover from his muscle injury and although he missed the last few games, he is also not eligible for this duel. Today morning at training, we saw him talking with Ferdinand Ortiz to see if there were any chances of staying in the game against Chivas, but that would be completely ruled out.

According to the reports, it would only be two matches that were released, but now it will be until the last date against Puebla when it can be incorporated, even up to the Liguilla, where it would be a little more complicated to take into account, especially because of the good performances they have achieved Nestor Araujo there Sebastien Caceres.

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