Cobb County: Georgia county extends deadline for roughly 1,000 voters who didn’t receive absentee ballots after ‘human error’

Cobb County: Georgia county extends deadline for roughly 1,000 voters who didn’t receive absentee ballots after ‘human error’


A key Georgia county has extended the deadline for receiving more than 1,036 absentee ballots to Nov. 14, nearly a week after Election Day.

Cobb County election officials did not mail ballots after they said procedural errors were made on at least two days in October when absentee ballots were requested but not created and mailed.

Cobb County, which includes much of the northern suburbs of Atlanta, is a densely populated area in northwest Georgia. The city’s outer northern suburbs have historically reported Republican, but many of these areas like parts of Cobb have shifted toward Democrats in recent years.

The Nov. 14 deadline for this batch of over 1,000 ballots is the same day Georgia’s military and foreign affairs are to be voted on, but absentee ballots still need to be entered and marked by Election Day. Any voters who have not yet received their absentee ballots have the option of printing a federal absentee ballot used for overseas voters, according to Cobb County Election Attorney Daniel White.

“It appeared that the ballots were issued because they were marked as issued in the system, but the final step of actually going through the machine was not,” Cobb County Elections Director Janine Eveler told reporters Monday.

“So the ballots were never packed and sent. So it was a complete human error,” Eveler said, adding that the election worker in charge was “sick about it.”

State judge approved the deadline change At Monday.

Cobb County election officials say they have determined that of the 1,036 absentee ballot errors, there are currently 276 voters who may have been affected who have not already received an overnight return envelope with their absentee ballots or have not yet cast their ballot during the early period. voting. CNN previously reported that over 2.5 million ballots were cast in Georgia during early voting.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia and its national office and the Southern Poverty Law Center announced Sunday that they have filed a lawsuit to give Cobb County absentee voters more time to receive and mail an error discovered by Cobb election officials.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office says they plan to open an investigation into this Cobb County absentee voting incident with the State Board of Elections.

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