Conade sued Paola Longoria for an alleged debt of 1.6 million pesos

Conade sued Paola Longoria for an alleged debt of 1.6 million pesos

the quarrel between Ana Gabriela Guevara there Paula Longoria seems far from over, a few weeks ago the world number 1 racquetball player angrily criticized the management of the former sprinter and these days holder of the CONADE confirmed that the organization will sue the athlete for alleged unproven expenses.

according to the newspaper RemodelingGuevara confirmed that Longoria was being sued for the amount of 1.6 million pesos plus interestthis due to unverifiable expenses between 2015 and 2018. Previously, Ana Gabriela had confirmed this information by assuring that “the alleged debt of the world number one player in her discipline was going to be continued”, assured the one who won a medal of money in Athens 2004.

Last week on the show Joaquin Lopez Doriga in Radio formula, Guevara commented the following: “The Federation owes an amount of 432 thousand pesos and Paola owes an amount of one million 665 thousand 810 pesos. The amount that Paola owes dates from the 2015-2018 financial year and the case of the Federation comes from recent events that took place and that she could not verify… It is not a personal decision, it is done by mandate from the Civil Service and the Policy Coordinating Council. If he fails to make it transparent and prove that he delivered the documents under acknowledgment of receipt, he will unfortunately have to be prosecuted and it will have to be with another authority, not with us,” Guevara asserted.

For her part, Paola confirmed that she has delivered all the documentation that validates this income, but she also assures that with the changes in the CONADE all those vouchers were lost, or so it seems.

“Unfortunately the checks were written at the time, I personally issued airline tickets, hotel receipts, food receipts, and those receipts have been lost because there is constant change officials there (at CONADE), and it’s not our problem and that’s why they punish us by not supporting us in the world championship”, commented the racquetball player.

The lawsuit began when Longoria strongly criticized the Guevara administration, this in the face of the organization’s refusal to support the Racquetball Federation before the World Cup which was played in San Luis Potosí, he assured that his scholarship had been reduced by 70% and revealed that for two years he did not receive the support of the CONADE which set people’s minds on fire, for now we just have to wait and see how this story turns out ended.


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