Controversy in the refereeing of the game between Browns and Panthers

Controversy in the refereeing of the game between Browns and Panthers

Officials decided not to punish Cleveland quarterback Jacoby Brissett after claiming he was going to throw the ball at the game-winning drive.

The first Sunday of the 2022 NFL season was marked by a controversial arbitration in the game between Cleveland Browns there Carolina Panthers.

In the fourth quarter, with 13 seconds left, the Los Angeles quarterback Browns, Jacoby Brissetreceived the serve at the 40-yard line from carolina at the third chance and 1 to advance and immediately made the movement to throw the ball, but stoppedtook a step back and eventually grounded the ball to stop the clock at the 8-second mark.

Officers threw away several tissues after the action Brissetbut instead of punishing Browns and delaying the ball, knocking them out of basket reach, the referees raised their handkerchiefs after a brief encounter in midfield and signaled there was no penalty on play.

We have determined that backing up does not prevent the quarterback from whipping the ball and we let it be by the rules,” referee Brad Rogers said after the game.

However, the head coach of PanthersMatt Rhule had a different interpretation.

“A quarterback moving to throw the ball or not controlling the snap can’t back up or it becomes a penalty for intentionally throwing the ball on the ground,” Rhule said. “I started screaming that he intentionally threw him to the ground, 10 seconds stoppage and the game is almost over. They tagged him and then they traded him.”

While the officers didn’t ignore the rule, their enforcement appears to contradict what the rule says.

Rule 8, Section 2, Article 1, Points 3 and 4 of the NFL Rules explains how the clock can be stopped after receiving the ball and how a delay in kicking the ball can be signaled.

“Point 3. Stopping the clock: A player under center is legally entitled to stop the game clock to save time if, immediately after receiving the throw-in, he begins a continuous shooting motion and throws the ball directly to the floor.

Point 4. Ball Slam Delay: A setter, after delaying his passing action for strategic reasons, is not allowed to throw the ball to the ground in front of him, even if he is not under pressure from defenders .”

With 8 seconds remaining, kicker Cade York entered the field and threw a field goal 58 yards to give the Los Angeles team a 26-24 victory. Browns.

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