Coulthard gives FIA a twist: ‘He doesn’t quite understand that we are a sport, a spectacle’

Coulthard gives FIA a twist: ‘He doesn’t quite understand that we are a sport, a spectacle’

The Italian Grand Prix is ​​one of the big events on the Formula 1 calendar, however, in this edition, The Race Direction has deemed it appropriate that the spectacle of the dome prevails over that of the track. Not restarting the race sparked a huge controversy, prompting opinions for all tastes. One of those unhappy with the FIA’s determination is former motorsport premier class driver David Coulthard. That of Twynholm asserts firmly that they were mistaken in their way of acting, since there was no point depriving fans of the show when the trail was already clear. Logically, what happened led many to point to the Abu Dhabi 2021 event, when then-race director Michael Masi resumed the test with one lap to go and Max Verstappen was able to overtake Lewis Hamilton to win his first title.

“I think the FIA ​​doesn’t quite understand that they’re not just a body that puts safety first and everything else, but we’re a sport, we’re a show. We have to try to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the moment, that moment of the checkered flag, the Grand Prix rush, we received very little information and what was sent to the majority of the grid was clearly different. The procedure was very clear.. Normally, once the order is given that run-in cars can get back into place, which is always a bit of a chore, there’s a long explanation as to why they do it. They just didn’t quite get it, and that leaves me disappointed. What was an exciting Grand Prix weekend and could have been an incredible finish with soft tires just a lap back, took us back less than 12 months ago. We already know what happened in Abu Dhabi,” he said in a few words for the British channel Channel 4.

It is complicated

Likewise, the Briton assures that the fact that the direction of the FIA ​​has been changed has slowed down the processes and the determinations, which would explain why these convulsive situations occur: “I think that all the decisions that have been taken this year have We know from the new FIA president that they have a virtual team, in addition to the operations rooms that Formula 1 teams have with their strategists in the factories, which judges things from a point of view not emotional. this procedure clearly slows things down and really quick and precise decisions are not even made,” he concluded.

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