Coulthard, to the FIA: “We are sport, we are entertainment”

Coulthard, to the FIA: “We are sport, we are entertainment”

David reminds that the work of the FIA ​​goes beyond safety

He thinks that Race Direction changes slow down proceedings

David Coulthard is not happy with the end of the race at Monza or the way the FIA ​​reacted to the withdrawal of the safety car. The former pilot reminds them that they are much more than an organization that ensures safety and that it is also their job to guarantee the show.

Monza gave and will give a lot to say about the decision to finish the race under a safety car, despite the fact that Daniel Ricciardo’s car – the cause of the “safety car” – had already retired from the track. Coulthard feels the FIA ​​fails to understand that its job goes far beyond the simple safety of everyone present.

I think the FIA ​​doesn’t quite understand that it’s not just a body that prioritizes safety and everything else. We are a sport, we are a show. We have to try to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the moment, this moment of the checkered flag, the rush to celebrate the Grand Prix”, defended Coulthard on the British channel Channel 4.

Comparing the situation to what happened at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, David feels the FIA ​​has “deprived” Italian fans of the chance to experience a “breathtaking” final lap. He admits that during the race there was not enough information and that made him leave Monza feeling discouraged.

“We were getting very little information and what was being sent to most of the grid was clearly different. The procedure was very clear. is a long explanation of why they do this. They just didn’t do it well and that discourages me,” he acknowledged.

“What was an exciting Grand Prix weekend and could have been an amazing finish with soft tires just a lap back, took us back less than 12 months. We already know what happened. spent in Abu Dhabi.” .

Coulthard was also asked if what happened at Monza could be linked to what happened in Abu Dhabi last year. The ex-driver believes that the restructuring carried out by the Race Direction and the implementation of virtual controls to help the stewards slows down decision-making.

“I think all the decisions that have been made this year have been very thoughtful. We know from the new FIA president that they have a virtual team, as well as the operations rooms that the Formula 1 teams have with their strategists in the factories, who judge things from a non-emotional standpoint,” Coulthard said.

But this procedure clearly slows things down and even really quick and sound decisions are not made.“Coulthard pointed out to close.

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