Cowboys seemingly closed on a Super Bowl champion tackle

Cowboys seemingly closed on a Super Bowl champion tackle

The Lone Star team finds itself in a sticky situation thanks to what happened during practice on Wednesday. In the build-up to Game 3 of the preseason against the Seahawks, offensive tackle Tyron Smith limped off the field with rehab director Britt Brown. During those hours, nothing was known about it except for some rumors that Tyron might not be available for a few months. Unfortunately, on Thursday morning, all of those rumors turned out to be true.

Thanks to the MRI that could be done the next day, we learned that the offensive lineman had an avulsion fracture in his left knee. As a result, the hamstring tendon on the back of the knee has detached from the bone and requires surgery as soon as possible. So, as far as Smith is concerned, he shouldn’t be back until December.

This has clearly raised all the red flags in the organization as such there is no back up plan with a veteran tackle. Indeed, since the offseason the franchise no longer took care of it and they expected the youngest to come forward in the face of any eventuality. The detail in question is that the pre-season results have not been as expected.

However, offices can take action and assess some options. As it became known during the preseason matchup between the Texans and 49ers. Where reporter Kaylee Hartung was talking to retired NFL tackle Andrew Whitworth.

During the game, the reporter asked Andrew if they had called him about any job offers as an NFL player. Whitworth, who is now part of the Thursday Night Football Amazon streaming group, said that was absolutely true.

“Yeah, it does,” Whitworth said. “Obviously there have been things with the Cowboys and losing Tyron Smith is a very bad situation. He’s a great athlete and someone I love to see play. It’s been a busy day responding to the calls but the problem is they are calling and texting the wrong person what they have to do is Melissa Whitworth and the kids because they are the ones who would ultimately approve whether or not I decide to play football again.”

Andrew, who is currently 40, has remained professional in the NFL for a total of 16 seasons. Eleven of them remained with the Bengals and his last five years as an offensive lineman for the Los Angeles Rams. Before his retirement, he not only won Super Bowl LVI with his team, but also received the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award in 2021.

The Dallas Cowboys may be looking for someone with a lot of experience to cover left tackle. Andrew fully fulfills this function, however, the factor that he has retired and his respect for his family influences a lot.

Now, with the market still looking for a possible solution, Jerry Jones said on Thursday that he would use rookie Tyler Smith at left tackle. Despite the fact that he won’t make an appearance on Friday due to ankle discomfort that week.

Of course, the Cowboys’ first-round pick during his college days mostly played tackle. However, during all these months, they put him to work more as a left keeper. Because at the start, it was the goal of his selection, to replace Connor Williams. Since in the latter’s case, they didn’t renew him and he went to the Miami Dolphins.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the left tackle. What is certain is that a solution must be found as soon as possible. And if there are no answers against Seattle at AT&T Stadium, the organization will definitely do something about it. It only remains to see the final evaluation of the boys who apply for the position of holders.

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