Culver City to decide Tuesday whether 16-year-olds can vote: Report

Culver City to decide Tuesday whether 16-year-olds can vote: Report

CULVER CITY, Calif. — On Tuesday, voters will decide whether 16- and 17-year-olds will get the chance to vote thanks to ballot initiative in Culver City called Measure VY, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

If the measure passes, Culver City will become one of only a handful of communities in the United States to allow 16-year-olds to vote.

“Measure VY would raise the local voting age here in Culver City to 16,” Culver City High School graduate Meighan-Thiel said. “By genuinely involving people in democracy from a young age, it will instill in them the value of participation, so that they will be much more regular, well-informed voters in the future.”

Opinions about the initiative are different. According to the Los Angeles Times, supporters argue that at 16, a person can drive, get a job and pay taxes; even as teenagers, they are influenced by decisions made exclusively by adult voters. Meanwhile, the outlet reports that opponents worry that the minds of 16- and 17-year-olds are malleable to the point that they are easily swayed by swirling opinions and are not old enough to make fully informed decisions.

To this day, only 16-year-olds can do it vote in all local elections in Greenbelt, Maryland, Hyattsville, Maryland, Riverdale Park, Maryland, and Takoma Park, Maryland, according to the National Association for Youth Rights.

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