Dani Alves shines with new assist and Pumas equalize at the last minute

Dani Alves shines with new assist and Pumas equalize at the last minute

The Brazilian didn’t back down from Nemesio Diez’ boos and a pass from him was key to saving a visiting spot

Dani Alves did not shrink in Toluca and an assist from him caused a last-minute tie against the Devils. Faced with a huge tifo in the stands and boos, the Brazilian did not back down. Accustomed to the pressure on major world stages, the element of cougars he brought out the best at the Nemesio Diez stadium.

Alves It came out as an inside flyer. The back and forth was constant and not even up to the town of Toluca reduces its performance. The South American looks better physically despite his team wanting to support him and not risk him on this upcoming FIFA date.

With all his experience, Dani Alves He was the engine in midfield and he also found in Eduardo ‘Toto’ Salvio his best partner on the cold Mexican night.

The two players with the highest quality in the feline team came together to do their thing, and although ‘Toto’ shone more than Alvesthe Brazilian made passes that nobody imagined on the pitch, as his vision allowed him to create chances for his teammates.

Also, defensively Alves ran and was intense. His mark was sticky with the most qualified elements of the Toluca.

Likewise, he showed his command and leadership by shouting. Pablo Bennevendo was one of those who received the same after losing a ball in the lower area and in which Alves he returned to the defensive sacrifice. Meanwhile, Julio González received instructions from the Brazilian after a disallowed goal against the Devils.

Dany left only the ‘Toto’ in the complement. Salvio took on Volpi but couldn’t enjoy the chocolate the Brazilian left him for what could have been 0-2.

Alves he advanced his position and got behind Dinenno to create more danger. His passes were precise, but not the definitions of his teammates, who didn’t take full advantage of the Brazilian’s experience on the pitch.

The South American never stopped running, but he couldn’t believe they turned the score around for his team. However, at the last minute he gave a golden assist to Julio González to finish with a header and save the tie that keeps the college playoff dream alive.

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