Daniil Medvedev on Nick Kyrgios: ‘We’re not friends’

Daniil Medvedev on Nick Kyrgios: ‘We’re not friends’

World number one, Daniel Medvedevcontinue to advance US Open 2022, a tournament he dreams of defending twelve months after his conquest. At the moment there are three wins that the Russian has accumulated, although the ogre is waiting for him around the corner, that opponent that nobody wants to see on the other side of the net. His confrontation with Nick Kyrgios next Sunday began to make the headlines and that of Moscow did not hesitate to comment on what he expects from this next duel.

Victory over Wu

“I felt it was a top game because he played very well, the only thing missing is to be in the top 10 or top 20 in the future. As for the return , he played very well, his return is amazing, one of the best I’ve seen When he has the ball he is able to do a lot of things, even if he is not able to hit As for me, I’m quite happy with the level I showed, I didn’t make too many unforced errors and I held on in the long rallies. I managed to beat a tough opponent, so I’m really happy. If you ask me what I could improve, I can’t find many things. Maybe do less double faults. For the next game, I will try to give myself opportunities to do something big, but it won’t be easy.

Recent history against Kyrgios

“The match we had in Montreal will be quite important, we both know what to expect from each other. He managed to get the better of me in this match, especially in the decisive moments, where he broke me three times. Then at the start of the third set, he broke me right away, this moment was key. I felt it was a close match where we could both win, although maybe I shouldn’t say it because I lost, but I definitely felt I was staying close. It’s the most important thing for tomorrow, that I know what I have to do. I have to serve well, try to get to the tie-break and take risks with his serve. He too will serve big, that’s how he plays. I saw his matches, he is very focused.

Her relationship with Nick

“We’re fine, although I don’t think we’re friends, I don’t know if he thinks the same. When I say ‘friends’ I mean we’ve never been to bars together. We respect each other a lot, on the pitch we never argued, which can change at any time, since we are both electric and you never know what can happen. He respects me and I respect him too, I respect him because I know what he is capable of. Nick is a bit different from other players in his behavior on the pitch, but it’s his choice, it’s his life. I’m no one to judge him, so I I have a lot of respect for him.

Perspective on the progress of Kyrgios

“Honestly, yes, I am surprised. We all knew what he was capable of doing, great things, starting with a service that is one of the best I have ever seen, Karlovic style. Ivo had an amazing serve but Nick is not far behind, he is able to serve at 140mph if he wants, very accurate. We knew anyone could beat anyone, he showed it many times against the world’s best on the track. When COVID came it was a bit downhill so we weren’t sure if it would ever come back. Today I am surprised, so I congratulate you because you seem to have found meaning in your career. I feel like sometimes he doesn’t want to show it too much, but I think he really wants to be a professional, to be a bit more serious. It’s very good for him and for tennis.”

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