Davante Adams: You want to stick with what works

Davante Adams: You want to stick with what works

Las Vegas Raiders v Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Raiders haven’t done well this season, but they’ve proven adept at blowing 17-point leads.

They did it for the third time this year in Sunday’s game against the Jaguars and fell to 2-5 as the Jags finished with a 27-20 victory. The Raiders built their lead on the back of an ace passing attack Derek Carr threw for 223 yards and Davante Adams caught a pair of touchdowns before halftime.

However, Adams had just one catch after the break and the Raiders were shut out after the break. After the game, Adams told reporters that “there’s no reason why we should lose games like this and it’s frustrating.” He was particularly frustrated with the decline in the passing game and said he thought “if not brokendon’t fix it” is the correct attack approach.

“It’s not shot my trainersAdams said, via Paul Gutierrez of ESPN.com. “I love my coaches. I love them to death, and I think I’ve had an amazing time, other than losing these games, just growing with them and finding ways to try to keep doing this and I wouldn’t trade them at all. But at the end of the day, if I’m playing in those situations, or if the pass game is something that helps us move the ball and win games, then obviously that’s the idea. You want to stick with what works.”

Very little has worked for the Raiders so far, so Adams is probably right to stick with something that’s been successful, but it’s getting late for things to fall into place in Vegas.

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