David Ferrer: ‘Roger Federer is the Zidane of tennis’

David Ferrer: ‘Roger Federer is the Zidane of tennis’

Roger Federer (Basel, 1981) ended a brilliant career in which has accumulated 20 Grand Slam tournaments. The most emblematic reverse of the circuit is the start, the personified elegance, the charisma par excellence. the spanish David Ferrer has shared the track up to 17 times with the Swiss tennis player. Today in “Quintana’s slate”we spoke with the Valencian about the figure of Federer.

Withdrawal. “It’s been a while since he competed and we knew that sooner or later he was going to make it official. That bitter taste will always remain because he is one of the most important people in tennis, if not the most important. He’s a different and special player.”

To play. “It’s hard to stop at just one stroke. His forehand, serve and volley were among the best in tennis history. His backhand was very graceful.”

Cheers. “Roger would change your rhythms and it bothered me. He always had one more rhythm and the tactics you had bothered you.”

Nadal, Djokovic and Federer. “The three best in the history of tennis coincided at the same time. Rafa is unique and the best in the history of the Grand Slam. I dare not say that Alcaraz will match him, but I know he are going to give good afternoons. Roger, Novak and Rafa wouldn’t have been such good players if they hadn’t coincided at the same time”.

emerging athletes. “In the world of sport, everything is changing. Ayuso, Alacaraz, Gavi… they have an abysmal maturity for their age. Spain is working very well at the base, so I’m not surprised by the new numbers that are coming out. ”

alcaraz. “Carlos is a charismatic player, he reminds me a lot of Rafa when he was young. They are such close people that people feel very identified with them. Already in God I was surprised by the magnitude of having Alacaraz on Track”.

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