Del Potro: ‘I still have to think about what life will be like without tennis’

Del Potro: ‘I still have to think about what life will be like without tennis’

Just over seven months ago, we saw this moving image from the final game of Juan Martin del Potro in which, after months and years of struggling to compete again, he was forced to hang up his racket with that loss to Federico Delbonis in Buenos Aires. Now, Del Potro still doesn’t quite know how to manage this early retirement, looking for a solution in order to improve his quality of life. This is how the man from Tandil told it in an exclusive interview with LA NACION.

Looking for new hobbies

After years of struggling to get back on the circuit, Del Potro now has to change his perspective, as it’s clear that competition is something that’s far away from him today. Currently, Delpo has confessed to not being able to climb the stairs without needing to lean on the railing: “I’m not ready for the next day, I don’t know what it is. I have no idea what other athletes did in this situation. I tried to recover all this time, but Buenos Aires was the limit. From then until today, I’ve been thinking about what my life would be like without tennis. I’m looking for something else,” explained the Argentinian.

Quality of life as a priority

“It was very difficult for me to make the decision to play in Buenos Aires. It was a turning point in my life. I never thought about those almost three years at that time, I always had in mind to recover and to come back, until I saw it less and less possible. I am seeking treatment to improve my quality of life, not to compete again. I was hurting myself. I was going out and people were asking me when I was playing instead of worrying about how I was doing. I had to stay active on the networks, with messages full of optimism. I had to stop thinking about tennis and regain my well-being. I don’t care how long I I need to find the solution, I want to live well, without pain

Possible duels against Carlos Alcaraz or Jannik Sinner

“I would have loved to face them, but now they are just forming. I saw Alcaraz against Sinner in the US Open quarter-finals and I thought to myself, ‘An experienced or top player could so much messing up…” It’s similar to what happened to me in my first encounters with Roger Federer. They never varied their shots. It’s part of learning, it’s two phenomena”.

Delpo has not closed the door to a possible future as a coach, even if he currently has too many personal worries (medical problems) which, according to him, do not allow him to have the lucidity to think it. Despite everything, the Argentinian likes to advise the youngest.

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