Djokovic: ‘It will be a once in a lifetime experience’

Djokovic: ‘It will be a once in a lifetime experience’

In this one Laver Cup 2022 we will see two things. The first will be to see the last match of the career of Roger Federerwhich will take place on Friday at 22:00 Spanish time, and the second is that we will be able to watch the acclaimed and almighty throughout the competition big four. So, Novak Djokovic He will be there and he had nice words for the tournament as well as for his teammates. We are facing a decisive scenario to glimpse the future of tennis, since the withdrawal of one of the main candidates for the GOAT will be confirmed, as long as said adjective has not already been assigned.

As we say, the race to be the best in history should perhaps wait until each of the members of the Big Three retires, being the best way to assess each of the individual records. For example, yesterday Roger Federer didn’t bother to say if he was the best, because for him it’s a side issue that anyway should be the fans who decide. Beyond these diatribes between fans, it is clear that respect is very present between all, camaraderie being a key factor in this competition where the ideal is that the team works like a well-oiled machine.

An unbeatable opportunity

In this way, Novak Djokovic arrives in London as one more element of a team that, in principle, must defeat its rival. Give statements for own Laver Cup websitethe Serb declared his admiration for all the members of this competition which brings together the best from each continent, but, above all, he spoke of Team Europe: “The Laver Cup gives you this unique opportunity to be and train with your team rivals, spend quality time on and off the pitch, dine as a team and talk about things other than the tennis.”

Unique and special event for tennis players accustomed to fighting individually for their exploits: “It’s weird in a way, but in a positive and exciting way, because we’ve all shared the tour, we’ve shared the stage for so many years and as individual athletes we have our own teams. We want to fight on the pitch, but these four, five days, we’re together and supporting each other. I think playing with Roger on the pitch and supporting all the other Team Europe teammates for three days will probably be something something I will remember for a long time.”

everything for europe

In fact, Novak goes further, specifying his level of integration in the group: “It’s like playing four games a day because even when you’re not playing you’re on the pitch supporting your teammates and experiencing every point with them.” Passionate about being in London, one of the capitals of tennis, the tennis player confessed to a small misadventure with Federer as the protagonist, since he hit him unintentionally after he was unable to perfectly subtract a serve from Jack Sock: “I didn’t miss the forehand but I was too late. Roger was in the wrong place at the wrong time (smiling). It was fun. You could hear the crowd laughing, a little worried about Roger’s back, but once he showed that everything was fine, we all had a good laugh. I hope I don’t hit my teammates anymore (smiling)”.

Tomorrow, we remember, begins the dance that you cannot miss.

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