Dolphins cancel joint training with Eagles due to stomach infection in multiple players

Dolphins cancel joint training with Eagles due to stomach infection in multiple players

Some members of the Dolphins coaching staff have also been affected by the infection, and it appears to be contagious, head coach Mike McDaniel said.

MIAMI GARDENS — Los Miami Dolphins canceled their joint practice with the Philadelphia Eagles this Thursday, after a stomach infection sidelined several players, the head coach reported Mike McDaniel.

“It was a unique curve this morning,” he admitted. McDaniel. “We don’t really know where it’s coming from, and we’re just trying to be very careful.”

McDaniel He added that “more than a few players” have been affected and are showing the normal symptoms of a stomach infection. Some members of the coaching staff of dolphins have been affected by it, and it appears to be contagious, he said.

The bone dolphinsso far, will continue to face Eagles on Saturday evening at Hard Rock Stadium in its pre-season close. It is unclear which of the starters, if any, will play.

The head coach of the Eagles, Nick SirianniHe said no one on his team had shown symptoms. The Eagles held their own practice on Thursday.

EdIis and dolphins practiced together on Wednesday in a session that highlighted what should be a terrific bond between the quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and wide receiver Tyreek Hillacquired via trade during the off-season.

Hill caught a touchdown pass over 30 yards from Tagovailoabeating veteran cornerback Darius Kill on the game. Kill he appeared to limp afterwards, grimacing evidently as he walked back to the bench. He was in and out of practice throughout the rest of the day.

The same speed and speed he showed Hill in his career with Kansas City Chiefsseemed to pose problems for the secondary of the Eagles Thursday, while continuing to find free places on the cover for easy takes.

Tagovailoawhich is entering its third year at NFLshowed good timing and good timing on his shots, getting the ball out quickly on a play when the Eagles they sent a charge and delivered the ball to several receivers.

The wide receiver of Eagles, A.J. Brownalso acquired by the exchange of the Tennessee Titans during the offseason, he opened the joint session for the Los Angeles first-team offense. Eagles with a one-handed hold, leaving the cornerback of the dolphins, Xavier Howard.

The defensive front of Eagles stopped most attempts Miami execute the ovoid. Most litters of the dolphins they’ve been held for short wins or losses, an extension of what they’ve shown so far in pre-season.

“More than anything, really in this pre-season, we haven’t moved things forward because there have been one or two out of sync players, and what worries me the most are the players, that they can learn from it or not,” he said. McDaniel. “Joint workouts you generally feel more comfortable with, not the individual version of your running game, passing game, defending.”

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