Donald Trump’s tax returns: Former president asks Supreme Court to block access to House committee’s tax returns

Donald Trump’s tax returns: Former president asks Supreme Court to block access to House committee’s tax returns

Washington – Former President Donald Trump is fighting to protect several years of his life personal tax returns from House Democrats Supreme Court, filing an emergency High Court application on Monday in an attempt to stop the pending disclosure.

“This case raises important questions about the separation of powers that will affect any future president,” Trump’s legal team wrote. “The Committee’s purpose in seeking President Trump’s tax returns has nothing to do with funding or staffing issues at the IRS and everything to do with the release of presidential tax information to the public.”

Last week, a full federal appeals court in Washington, DC denied the former president’s request to review a three-judge appeals panel’s ruling against him.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled — apparently without any dissenting votes — that Trump’s case against the House Ways and Means Committee should not be reheard on the bench and that a decision to allow disclosure of his tax records to the commission should not be delayed pending further litigation.

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Earlier this year, a three-judge panel of the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled unanimously the committee had the right to obtain years of Trump’s tax returns, rejecting the former president’s claims that the committee’s multiple requests for records were unconstitutional and served no valid legislative purpose.

“While it is possible that Congress may attempt to threaten a sitting president with an invasive demand after he leaves office, every president takes office knowing that he will be subject to the same laws as all other citizens after he leaves office,” the justices wrote in August. , “This is a feature of our democratic republic, not a bug.”

In his filing with the Supreme Court on Monday, Trump argued that the disputed issues are still unresolved and require consideration by the high court. “No Congress has ever used its legislative authority to require the president to file tax returns,” his lawyers wrote, “Left unreviewed, the DC Circuit’s decision will have far-reaching implications. It will set an important (but incorrect) precedent for the political branches of the forward, binding in a circuit where most conflicts over congressional requests for information must be litigated.”

The litigation began after the committee’s chairman, Representative Richard Neal, Democrat of Massachusetts, requested that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) turn over five years of Trump’s tax records in 2019. The Treasury Department, which was under Trump’s control at the time, refused to is complying with the request despite the process by which Congress can request the tax documents of certain individuals from the IRS.

A lawsuit filed by Neal and the Ways and Means Committee followed, as well as a transition in presidential power and a renewed request for tax documents in 2021.

Last year, a federal judge dismissed Trump’s legal case against the committee, the first in a series of legal losses for the former president as he fights to protect his tax records from Congress.

“A long line of Supreme Court cases demands great deference to facially valid congressional investigations,” Justice Trevor McFadden — a Trump appointee — wrote in 2021. “Even the special attention shown by former presidents does not change the outcome. The court will therefore dismiss this case.”

On Monday, Trump asked a court to pause the transfer of his financial records from the IRS to the committee pending further legal review.

The legal battle with the Ways and Means Committee is not the former president’s first attempt to shield his financial records from congressional scrutiny. In 2019, the House Oversight Committee subpoenaed Trump’s then-accounting firm Mazars for several years’ worth of financial papers. A long legal battle followedending in a settlement between Trump and the Committee earlier this year. According to Mazars, he started submitting the documents in September The New York Times.

Melissa Quinn contributed to this report.

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