Dudi Sela sparks controversy after his last professional appearances

Dudi Sela sparks controversy after his last professional appearances

The protected filing can be a very useful weapon in the ATP circuit– Allows many players who have lost their rope due to an unfortunate injury to avoid falling down the rankings, securing only a few places in some tournaments to get them back in shape and to their old position. However, when used strategically by tennis players who wish to retire, it creates problems and controversy. This is what happens with Dudi Sela: The Israeli, who still benefits from this element, has participated in all Grand Slam tournaments this season to play in the qualifying round. His form is more than questionable: he hasn’t won a set (his best run is 3-6 against) in any of the four tournaments, he hasn’t played in any other tournament this year and he has pocketed more than 65 thousand dollars in prize money.

This is a fact that has caused the indignation of other players who are fighting for a place in this type of event, events that can be a tremendous economic boost for their career. Most vocal in his protest was Benjamin Lockwhich directly referred to the ATP: “The ‘professionals’ who are not active should not be able to do this”, he wrote on his Twitter account. His loss in the 2022 US Open qualifier was probably the end point of Sela’s career, a prolific career at ATP level with a relatively controversial ending.

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