Dutch F1 GP 2022: Fernando Alonso: “A sixth place that we would not have imagined yesterday”

Dutch F1 GP 2022: Fernando Alonso: “A sixth place that we would not have imagined yesterday”

Ten races in the points and with a good pace. Gradually, Fernando Alonso He is recovering from the start of the regular season he had, with occasional reliability issues that prevented him from unleashing his full potential. in the race of Netherlands again finished in front of his teammate, Ocon.

He was sixth, after a classification in which he could not enter in Q3. Thirteenth bedroom, behind the other Alpine. The exit it was not good and it was left behindbut later he was right when it came time to enter the pits and put on the hard tire to be able to launch himself towards the points.

We were hoping to get into the points, but after the start I thought it was going to be difficult“, tells Alonso himself to the microphones of DAZN after the race. Yesterday he had already said that he thought it would be difficult to overtake on a circuit like that of Zandvoort. He still succeeded because on the track he was able to pass in front of the two Alpha Tauri.

“We stopped the tough ones very quickly and we had to squeeze it as much as possible. In the end, we had a set of new squishy“, emphasizes Alonso about the strategy they followed. Although later the safety car provoked by Botta ended up ruining this “tranquility” that had been built up throughout the race.

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Everybody pulled over and got the wheels a little cooler“, he argues about what happened and how he experienced it from the car. He also admits to having felt a certain “fear” for the rivals who came behind him, who were none other than Norris and Esteban Ocon. His on-track war is with them.

But he saw the checkered flag with a happy ending and “we managed to hold on”. They did not expect, yes, to finish so high. After the sanction of Carlos Sainz, for a “dangerous exit” precisely with Alonso himself, he finished sixth. “We would not have imagined it yesterday,” he admits.

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