Dutch F1 GP 2022: Verstappen, intractable: “Even Hamilton didn’t destroy his teammates like that”

Dutch F1 GP 2022: Verstappen, intractable: “Even Hamilton didn’t destroy his teammates like that”

La stunning display of Max Verstappen at Spa-Francorchamps made it possible to specify that he will win this 2022 F1 World Cup by far. Numerous statistical data support this thesis. There are some which show that we are faced with a field even more brutal than that presented by Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

First of all, it is striking that the Dutch won nine of 14 races contested (64% efficiency). He is one win away from his personal best (10 in 2021). And there are eight appointments left. Moreover, the current champion could reach and even surpass the historical records of Michael Schumacher (in 2004) and Sebastian Vettel (in 2013) on 13 victories in the same F1 season. Seeing what happened on the iconic Belgian track…it would be weird if he didn’t. Max hall 14 and by lap 12 he was already leading without stress. And another note: he easily overtook even his (Czech) teammate, starting 2. The final differences: it took nearly 18 seconds from Prez and 26 from Carlos Sainz.

Verstappen, Checo and Horner celebrate energy doubling at Spa. / RED BULL

Two historic lifts

Another fact that clearly shows the superiority of the Red Bull star driver is that he won the last two races from a long start on the grid. At the Hungaroring, I started in 10th position and came back. And at Spa it was a corrected and increased version: I was spotted 14 at the start then dragged.

Slo a previous precedent: Bruce McLaren

You have to look in the registers to find a similar case. Only once had a driver won two races in a row starting from tenth place or worse. At the end of 1959, Bruce McLaren he won Sebring (USA) starting 10th and at the start of 1960 he won starting 13th (in the end, just like Max at Spa, since Gasly had to start from the ‘pit-lane’) in Argentina.

He already has 29 F1 victories

By the way, when it comes to wins, Verstappen is hyped towards Ayrton Sene (The unfortunate three-time F1 world champion racked up 41 throughout his illustrious career). That of the Netherlands is 8th in the historic ranking of drivers with the most victories. He has 29 and has Nigel Mansell (31) and Fernando Alonso (32) as immediate targets.

Moreover, it is clear that he will be crowned again, this time without the final suffering of Abu Dhabi, because no one could erase such a points gap with so little to do. Verstappen (284) takes 93 points from his own Red Bull teammate Checo Prez (191).

Max direction

Max shows the racing helmet at “his” house. / RED BULL

New helmet in tribute to his father

On top of that, the next event is at ‘her’ house. Max running particularly motivated. The ‘1’ will release a new design on their helmet. The Dutch pay tribute to his father, Jos Verstappen. “This year is the right time to thank all the efforts my father has made for me since I was little to get to where I am now,” said the Red Bull driver, who will want to win at all costs in Zandvoort.

ruthless with his companions

On the other hand, there are already those who put Verstappen above seven-time champion Hamilton. And they do this by emphasizing their dominance over drivers who ride in the same car. To beat Sergio Prez this course, It would already be the fifth season in a row where he beats his partner at Red Bull (Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly, Alex Albon and Czech). The last time he lost to his ‘dancing partner’ was against Ricciardo in 2017.

Max’s talent is indisputable, as he clearly beats Checo Pérez, who is a very strong driver. Verstappen is not only able to find a little more speed than him, since we are talking about a second per lap. He does it when he needs it and when he wants it. That’s one second per lap and that’s an incredible amount of time per lap. If I’m one second of a lap behind a teammate, I’m like, “What’s going on? Sam BirdFormula E driver (where he won 11 races and achieved 22 podiums), on ‘Checkered Flag’, a BBC podcast.

And he continues:Max is able to destroy and dispatch people in such a way that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.. lewis he dominated F1 for a long time, but I don’t think he completely destroyed his teammates in this way. Valtteri (Bottas, who was at Mercedes alongside Hamilton from 2017-2021) was closer to Lewis than anyone has been to Max of late..

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