Dutch F1 GP | Sainz: “If the race goes like this for 70 laps, we will be very close”

Dutch F1 GP | Sainz: “If the race goes like this for 70 laps, we will be very close”

carlos sainz trust options Ferrari fight for victory against Max Verstappen in the Dutch GP this Sunday. The Dutchman overcame his problems on Friday and took pole this Sunday with only 21 thousandths ahead of Charles Leclerc (2nd) and with 92 thousandths of margin on carlos sainz (3rd). The Spaniard will start third with the hope that the battle for everything will be equal, aware at the same time as the mercedes (Hamilton is 4th and Russell6th) will be in the ‘ointment’ because of the sustained pace expected of them.

“We are starting from a good position tomorrow and we hope to go there”, he pointed out on ‘DAZN F1’, highlighting the complications all drivers will have on the Dutch track at Zandvoort. “It will be a tough race for sure. Mainly because there is a lot of degradation, a lot of wind, which makes every corner very difficult and then a possibility of rain tomorrow too. So many things can still happen.”

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Fabio Marchi


“Just like Charles after Q1 and Q2 it looked like we were way behind Max and Red Bull seemed to have the winning hand. Then I was surprised how much we won in Q3. Probably that first round should have been stronger to provide me with references for the second round of Q3. I improved by three tenths but a lap on the bench would have made me better in the second round.


Fabio Marchi


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“In qualifying, we were tenth. If the race goes like this for 70 laps, we will be very close. Normally on Sunday Red Bull and Mercedes seem to have something we haven’t had recently. If we go back to France and Austria, we were the ones who had something else on Sunday. Hopefully it’ll be more like those races and we can keep up with Max throughout the race.”


“Yes, I think they will be at least as fast as us in the race. After the stops, it will be a great fight with the other cars”.


“Will it make overtaking easier? It will be a little easier. These cars should be easier to track and a few hundred more meters of DRS will make it a bit easier than last year. It will be difficult to overtake, but I hope it will be better”.

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