Elizabeth II attended the first Formula 1 Grand Prix

Elizabeth II attended the first Formula 1 Grand Prix

His father, King George VI, presided over the event, the only F1 GP in which he participated.

Queen Elizabeth II of UK dead in the Castle of Balmoral in esociaannounced the official report of the Royal family. The Queen He was 96 years old and head of the British state for seven decades.

his firstborn, Charles Prince of Wales will take the crown according to the line of inheritance.

The official account of Formula 1 I dedicate a statement to Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal family.

The Queen Isabella II was a mainstay in the first race of the World Championship of Formula 1 in 1950, when he was still Princess Elisabeth of WindsorHe came with his father, the King George VIin addition to other members of the royal family at the opening of the world championship of the highest category of motorsport.

“It has been estimated that up to 120,000 spectators lined the track on race day, although the largest by far was Su Royal Highness King George VI, who attended the race with Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and guests. Lord and Lady Mountbatten,” recalled the Formula 1 in 2016 on the British GP.

“This is the only time a reigning monarch has attended a British motorsport race,” the elite added.

And it is that, despite the British Grand Prix enjoys a long tradition, the royal family was represented on this occasion only by the King George VI, for since then the king or queen has not attended a race.

Curiously, this 1950 edition, the race had two different names. Officially he was European Grand Prixthe first time this title was awarded to a race outside of Italy oh Francebut as the race was on British soil he incorporated the British Grand Prix.

Unlike today, where the season-opening event traditionally takes place in March, the race took place on May 13. Only six World Championship season starts were made later in the year.

Likewise, the British royal family was accompanied by more royal attendees, as the list of attendees had a distinctly aristocratic flavor. Among the 21 riders who took the start was Prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh (better known as Prince Bira or B.Bira), a notable rider and member of the Thai royal family.

Likewise, there was Baron Emmanuel ‘Toulo’ of Graffenried, a Swiss driver who won the 1949 British Grand Prix in the pre-world championship era.

Although the children and grandchildren of Queen Isabella II attended major sports editions on British soil, the head of the Crown did not return to the Formula 1.

The Queen Isabella II She was a big fan of another type of racing, horse racing. He excelled in horse racing with world famous champions and stallions. In addition to a deep love he felt for dogs.

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