Elon Musk Says Vote Republican in 2022 Midterms – Rolling Stone

Elon Musk Says Vote Republican in 2022 Midterms – Rolling Stone

Twitter’s new owner has been pandering to conservative commentators all year

In a tweet it shocked absolutely no one, Elon Musk directed his sycophants to vote Republican in the midterm elections. The man who took over the company and immediately dismissed its board of directors and half of its staff he claimed to his followers that “joint power curbs the worst excesses of both sides.”

The call to action comes after Musk tweeted in April, around the time he first teased a purchase of the platform, that Twitter should remain “politically neutral” in order to earn “public trust”.

Musk has rubbed elbows with prominent conservatives who want a hand in how he reshapes social media platforms. Tesla billionaire promised drastic changes the way content and security standards are enforced on Twitter, under the guise of restoring “freedom of speech” and fighting censorship. Musk’s takeover resulted in a ripple effect Hate speech on the platform, scaring away advertisers which have now been encouraged by civil society groups to pull the ads until Musk provides assurances that the website will not become “free-for-all-hell” after its download.

Meanwhile, the billionaire appears to be taking cues about the platform’s future from conservative pundits and influencers, who are taking advantage of Musk’s obsession with vetting his mentions to tag him in their complaints. On Monday, Musk responded to conservative judicial activist Tom Fitton, saying he thinks he has grounds to file a lawsuit against “activists” calling on advertisers to boycott it. He told conservative organizer Mike Davis on Friday that he was preparing to perform a “thermonuclear name and shame” against critics and organizers calling for a boycott. He too agreed with Far-right influencer Ian Miles Cheong said it’s time to “stop appeasing activists” by calling on the platform to maintain its content moderation policy.

Some on the right argue that Musk directly lent a hand to their cause. Arizona Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem credited Musk with getting his accounts back hours after his supporters bombarded Musk with petitions claiming Finchem was censored and suppressed by the platform. Finchem has vowed not to budge if he loses Tuesday’s general election to Democrat Adrian Fontes.

Musk’s overtures to the right are not a new development. He announced that he had voted for a Republican for the first time earlier this year, tweeting that he “voted for Mayra Flores – first time I voted for a Republican” and predicting a “massive red wave in 2022.” Musk also recently moved from California to Texas, presenting the change as “last straw” regarding California’s Covid restrictions.

Flores has aligned with the QAnon conspiracy theory, and a number of Republican candidates Musk wants his followers to vote for on Tuesday peddled lies about the 2020 election. His push to bring the party under control of the Congress appears to be at odds with his vision for the future of the platform he now holds. “Twitter needs to become by far the most accurate source of information about the world,” he tweeted on Sunday night. “That’s our mission.”

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