Emilio Lara, a young man who dazzles from the age of 13

Emilio Lara, a young man who dazzles from the age of 13

The youth team America, emilio lara going through one of his best moments in Premier League; however, the young defender has been attracting attention since the age of 13, who was invited to be part of the Internidos tournament, where the native of Atizapán de Zaragoza would begin to write his history.

“We, over there, at the football school of Satellite we have a coordinator who is called Rafa Moreno, Rafael leads the teams and once in a match of the 13 years old category he saw a boy who was playing in another team there in Atizapán and that boy was Emilio Lara “, he said in a talk with REGISTRATIONRaul Sarmiento.

“We were six months away from the Internidos tournament that takes place in Coapa, organized by the school that is in front Memo Naranjo. Rafa spoke with him, he spoke with his father (of Emilio Lara) and invited them to say that they wanted to go to the America school. They accepted, we told him that we wanted him to play the training tournament with us, that he was going to like the tournament taking place in Coapa and that he was going to have the first opportunity to be seen by people. of the American school and the Core strengths“, he added.

Thanks to emilio lara agreed to play said tournament, his talent attracted a lot of attention, so members of the Base Forces immediately became interested in having the 13-year-old.

“He was a young man, really very lively, always pleasant, friendly, not awkward, very active, he played in defense and that’s how he stayed with them and started his career, let’s say, in America. It is therefore the step he took to get to american club through the Nido Águila School of Satélite,” he said.

Already installed in the Basic Forces of America, Emilio Lara continued to demonstrate his great talent to such an extent that he began to be called up with the lower categories of the Mexican national team, which even already has a history with the ‘coach Gerard Martino.

From the age of 13, he was discovered by viewers

“He’s a guy who had a very good career, when Tata Martino saw him training with youth teams there in the SELFhe started calling him and even coaching him so he thinks very highly of Emilio and I’m not surprised at all that now that he’s already in the first division and he’s seen him face the teams foreigners he played with with a great America mentality this year,” he said.


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