Emilio Lara connects with Alexis Vega and Guillermo Ochoa enters withdrawal

Emilio Lara connects with Alexis Vega and Guillermo Ochoa enters withdrawal

The National Classic between America and Chivas of the Apertura 2022 left a huge resentment between Emilio Lara and Alexis Vega.

The National Classic had it all.
© Picture 7The National Classic had it all.

Victory has come for America before Chivasin the edition of National Classic corresponding to Day 15 of the 2022 Opening Tournament. The goals of Alejandro Zendejas and Henry Martín gave the three points to the Eagles, although throughout the match there was everything.

The controversy everyone is talking about is Guillermo Ochoa’s save which many believe went over the goal line, although pundits have previously said the ball never went all the way in. In addition to that, Emilio Lara starred in a fight against Alexis Vega for most of the first half.

On several occasions, the defender and attacker collided during high contact games, which caused the young azulcremas to be on the verge of losing his temper. Fortunately, Paco Memo intervened and tried to calm Emilio down.

In the end, Emilio Lara was applauded for another great performancewhile Alexis had to leave the pitch in the second half, as the Rojiblancos wanted to refresh the right wing with the entry of Chicote Calderón.

necessary rest

After staying with victory this Saturday, America will have a few rest days due to the break by FIFA Date. Fortunately, the Eagles will have a few friendlies in the United States to keep up. The first of them will be in front of the Sacred Herd.

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