Emilio Lara, the jewel of America who can become a “legend”

Emilio Lara, the jewel of America who can become a “legend”

Diego Cervantes, coach of the Águilas U-20 category, believes that ‘Pelón’ will become a great figure at the club

MEXICO — The Consolidation of Mexico emilio lara in the first team America This is one of the pleasant revelations of the Opening 2022.

The native of Mexico State went through the whole process of inferiors with the Eagles until reaching the first box of azulcrema, in which he showed a striking combination of talent and personality that excites Americanism.

Diego Cervantescoach of the Sub-20s of the Coapa team and who worked with Emilio in the youth categories, he was sure that Laura will become a figure of America noting that he has the ability to become a major player.

“He’s a player who, at some point, is going to be Legend no doubt of the America, That’s how I see him, I see him because I worked with him, I saw him play and I know how he is on a daily basis. He has many abilities to do that and he takes on that role first from his trench, he feels that way and reflects that, people embrace him and the truth is I’m very happy for him,” a- he declared. Cervantes.

Laura made its debut in MX League con America the previous tournament, but he only played one minute, while in the Apertura 2022 he already has 685 minutes of play.

The youngster started as a centre-back, however, with the departure of Jorge Sanchez at Ajax, Laura He took the place of right-back, the original position of the youth team azulcrema.

emilio lara He’s a spectacular player, he’s very tall, he has a good pitch and he brings that hunger which is the most important thing. I talked to him a lot, and he’s not going to let me lie, I told him that at some point he had to touch him, that he shouldn’t despair, that he had to go full throttle in every practice because when you least expect it, the opportunity is there,” he said. Jorge Sanchez at a press conference before emigrating to the Netherlands.

One of the factors that most caught the attention of Laura it’s the personality he shows on and off the pitch, El ‘Pelón’ is the joy in the blue-cream dressing room and has won the sympathy of the team’s veterans. inside the field, Emilio he is not afraid of competition to consolidate himself in the maximum circuit.

Laura He comes from a family full of talents. His brother Diego is in U-17 of the America and some Mexican teamwhile his sister Camila does the same in the Águilas U-18 category.

the terms of emilio lara they have not gone unnoticed by national teams. In fact, ‘Pelón’ was already vice-champion of the U-17 world and will be looking at the last minute to appear on Gerardo Martino’s list for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Diego Cervantes indicates that Laura would be an amazing option for selection and even pointed out that creamy blue has arguments to consider when worlddespite his lack of experience in the first division.

“The truth would not surprise me because in a short time he showed himself in the friendlies against real Madrid and Chelsea who can do important things and also showed that against Manchester. It’s the games that motivate him, now in the league he takes on a lot of responsibility both as a winger and as a centre-back and I think that also opens up a lot of options for Gerardo Martino to call him up. I hope it will be like that, but it will be Gerardo Martino’s decision, if that happens I think he will have a great World Cup,” he said. Cervantes.

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