“Emosido cheated” (again) with new Formula 1 regulations

“Emosido cheated” (again) with new Formula 1 regulations

At this point in the season, after more than 100 courtesy days that are usually given to any newly elected government before criticizing it, I think it is time to take stock and without knowing the exact statistics I would say to my notice that ‘Emosido tricked’.

They promised us that with the new regulations and with the new design of the single-seaters, we would have more overtaking and that these would be easier to execute, but in the end, in equal conditions between two single-seaters, which includes at least that they have the same tire compound and that these have the same rounds of use or that the difference is minimal and also that the two cars have similar power, aerodynamics and speed. But DRS is still needed to achieve overtaking and sometimes it doesn’t even happen depending on the track and its conditions.

Therefore, we continue to see overruns only if:

  • There is a difference between the type of compounds the two cars carry and therefore the hardness and wear of these, which affects their performance and therefore facilitates overtaking and makes it difficult to defend against an attack depending on who carries the most flexible.

  • There is a noticeable difference in the number of turns of these compounds. The more laps the more chance they will pass you due to wear and fewer laps the easier it is to pass or defend, basically the previous point is repeated.

  • There is a big difference in engine power. In this case, you could say it’s basically Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes versus the others. We’ve all seen how easily a Red Bull overtakes an Aston Martin, for example, despite being powered by Mercedes.

  • The DRS is used in conjunction or not with what is mentioned in the previous points. Bearing in mind that the effect of DRS can be both diluted and increased depending on the characteristics of the areas affected with its use. Many times we have up to three DRS zones on a track and none of the three are of any use more than for the duty commentator to remind you of his number whenever there are minimal options to take advantage of an overtake in a lap, artificial that is, because In my opinion, anything involving overtaking under DRS is as contrived as the sparks caused by cars brushing against asphalt or curbs.. There are still people who are unaware that this is due to certain parts made of a specific material that have been placed to artificially facilitate the sparks to give a show.
  • Another reason would be that one of the pilots makes a driving error, manages the tires less well, the battery charge of the hybrid part or that there is a breakdown in the pit stop.

All without exact numbers, just based on my feelings in every GP I’ve seen so far this season. So I think that basically we are continuing as we have in recent years, despite the fact that they promised us that there would not only be more competition, but also more title contenders.

However, we went from a Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton dominance, at the start of what looks like a Red Bull dominance in the hands of Max Verstappen for the next few years. All this due to a Mercedes still a little decaffeinated already a Ferrari that, faithful to its legend and its traditions, continues with its “worst” after the summer among others and that, despite starting out as a firm title contender and a contentious third team, it got so deflated that Mercedes caught up to it and nearly caught up with it in some Grands Prix at less, while those of Maranello They still have not found, as in recent years, their way to the world title.

Let’s also not forget the Renault engine which fails to propel Alpine to the title, or at least to regular podiums first. A power unit from Renault, which after eight years of the hybrid era has still not reached the level that allows it to fight with Red Bull or Mercedes on an equal footing.

The other teams are customers of a biker and the logic would be, as it is so far, that they would not be able to defeat the one who provides them with the engines, so they continue as usual, fighting for the crumbs that the big ones drop.

In short, we continue, as far as entertainment is concerned, almost as before the change in regulations. As I’ve said before, we’ve apparently changed at the moment, one brutal dominance from Mercedes to another from Red Bull, with no alternative but a Ferrari that is deflating at times and a handful of teams that aren’t even not able to make podiums on a regular basis. At least that’s my feeling after 16 Grands Prix. What is yours?

As the famous meme says, ‘Emosido tricked’ and life in F1 remains the same.


Javi C.

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