Ex-Barcelona Adriano reveals details of Messi and Luis Enrique relationship

Ex-Barcelona Adriano reveals details of Messi and Luis Enrique relationship

Former Barcelona man, Adriano told behind the scenes of the relationship between Luis Enrique and Lionel Messi during his participation in ‘Resenha’

This Friday, examexclusive Star+ program, welcomes former players Hadrian and Emerson. During the interview, Adriano recalled his long and successful stay in the Barcelonabetween 2010 and 2016, and revealed surprising details about the relationship between the technician Luis Enrique and the star Lionel Messi.

According Adriano, Luis Enrique there Messi They ‘had a falling out’ over a disagreement during a training session and news of their bad relationship soon leaked to the Spanish press. Because of this, the Blaugrana players had to reach a ‘peace deal’ to appease the spirits within the club.

“The [Luis Enrique] quarreled with Messi in the formation. We tried to keep him in the team, but he ended up leaving,” he recalls. Adrian.

“The next game he came out Luis Enrique (from the technical area) to give an instruction and the whole stadium (shouts): ‘¡Messi! ¡Messi!‘. It was a very difficult moment because the real Madrid he had good performances that year. It was around October, almost at the end of the championship half-time. We were supposed to go play Club World Cupbecause the previous year we had been European champions and we went to world“, He continued.

“Then we got together in the locker room and we were like, ‘Either we change this dynamic and we make a peace agreement, the situation was like Israel with Palestine. Then things calmed down,'” he remembers.

Asked about the reasons for the fight, Adrian revealed that it all started with a mistake: Luis Enrique he didn’t score a foul on the Argentine in training.

“The fight was for a stupidity, not to mark a fault… Messi he is very competitive, he did not like to lose. That’s when in training nothing goes well and he’s very competitive,” he recalls.

During his years at Barcelona, ​​the former full-back won two Champions Leagues, two Club World Cups, four Spanish leagues, three Copas del Rey, three Spanish Super Cups and one European Super Cup.

Adrian also played with Besiktas, Athletico-PR and Eupen before announcing his retirement at 37.

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