F1 2022: Adrin Fernndez says Red Bull is no harm to Checo Prez

F1 2022: Adrin Fernndez says Red Bull is no harm to Checo Prez

Lfans of the Mexican pilot, Sergio ‘Checo’ Prez were not satisfied with strategies that Red Bull has had with tapato, because they consider that on most occasions benefits his partner Max Verstappen.

Adrian Fernndez, former Mexican pilot, dismissed in the ESPN Racing podcast that there is a “conspiracy” in the team since “Checo” is an excellent driver and mentions that right now Max is the best driver in the world so the team supports him to win the world championship.

“The public must understand that there is no way to try to annoy Checo. I’m sure he’s working as hard as he can to figure out what’s going on; obviously he must not like what happens even if he finishes second, because with a race like this, the second is practically the minimum when you have such a dominant car”.

In turn, Fernndez indicated that such comments could increase the pressure to the Mexican.

“The pressure towards Checo is what happens, ‘how can I improve, what is Verstappen doing that I’m not doing’. They must meet with the engineers to analyze everything to get closer to Max. Checo is signed for next year and I don’t think he wants to start a year with such a big lead. I’m sure Checo works hard, he’s a great driver and hopefully I can find that to give Max more warfare.”

The former Mexican driver also took the time to talk about Patricio ‘Pato’ O’Ward, which he highlights his great qualities, even if he considers that he should work more with the team.

Pato is a great pilot, he needs to work a little more, in what I perceive from the outside without knowing all the details, but focus more on working with the engineer. We know he has the hands, the ability, but that’s not the important thing here the important thing is perseverance and constant work with your engineers”.

Adrian has become one of the greatest exponents of national motorsport, so he feels proud to be one of those responsible for open up opportunities for Mexican pilots to participate in the best championships in the world.

“The important point of my career was to open this new gap which was very closed, able to rise to the international level. There were no roads, there were no supports, there were no means of communication that would support an international program. Dreaming of Formula 1 or IndyCar was a national dream, if you didn’t have the money it was practically impossible.”

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