F1 2022: Alguersuari’s trauma with Marko

F1 2022: Alguersuari’s trauma with Marko

Jaime Alguersuari gave a juicy interview to ‘El Confidencial’ that gives a lot to say. And to put out the fire caused by what he said on the energy drink board, the former pilot had to come out and clarify his explanations.

In the aforementioned outlet, he pointed out that he was not a popular driver in the Milton Keynes team. “I think neither me nor Carlos (Sainz) ever liked Red Bull.. They helped us because there was talent and we were worth it. But basically they are looking for another pilot profile. I say this with my hand on my heart. Red Bull wants to find pilots in the middle of a lake, who are not known, neither their family nor their friends, and who only depend on Red Bull. This was not the case for a driver whose father was a promoter of the categories before Formula 1 and who had a position and a vote in the sector. And in Carlos’ case, more of the same. It’s my vision, I could be wrong… In my case, the favorite was my team-mate, Brendon Hartley, but I won Formula 3 and they had no choice. At Toro Rosso I beat Buemi, however, he continued to be helped. In my case, Newey said that I had rejected the third pilot option, and that was not true, nobody had told me anything,” he pointed out.

And then focused on the figure of Helmut Marko. Of the well-known Red Bull adviser, he pointed out: “When I sleep, I have very strange, very strange dreams of all this time. Especially the helplessness and the frustration of never arriving, of seeing Mr. Marko still angry, scolding me.. As if we were children. I see myself like this It created a trauma, and I’m sure Buemi lives it too, and many others. I couldn’t clean that up, look I did therapy, and when I retired several psychologists helped me process that to start a new life, but I wanted to try that to clean up everything I had lived before. Now, even so, strange things come to mind. And sometimes I wake up as if in tears, in moments when I’ve done a big lap, and I find Mr. Marko’s face angry. All this, since you were fifteen… Weird calls that hang up in a minute, that somehow…

Buemi and Alguersuari. / RED BULL

Qualify what he said about Red Bull

After this publication, Alguersuari chose to qualify his remarks. The Spaniard, who ceased to be a Toro Rosso driver once the 2011 season ended, said the following on his official Twitter account: “I want to clarify a few words about Helmut Marko. I am very grateful to have been able to meet him when he was 15 years old. He was my teacher and someone who always asked me to squeeze to grow step by step. That’s how a young driver program is and that’s how it works.”

And he added: “I don’t have enough words to thank Red Bull and Helmut Marko, they taught me a path of discipline, dedication and very hard work which helped me achieve other goals. in my life and in my music. I’m sure he wouldn’t be the same today if he hadn’t been inside Red Bull. When competing at the highest level, whether in F1, football, rugby or golf, to excel you need to have an extremely demanding mindset to unlock more performance. Even if you win with Red Bull, they’re just going to ask you to push harder and harder.“.

And then, the Barcelonian was more incisive with the negative comments that were addressed to him. “Go back to Twitter and read the people who, without any criteria, experience or involvement in my sport, judge as if they knew. The question I ask is: why do we judge so easily? Why take the decision to expose ourselves publicly without having the capacity or the adequate background? “, he underlined, to which, immediately afterwards, he added: “Have you been pilots? Team leaders, technical directors, aerodynamicists, track engineers? Did you work as a team? Have you ever driven a racing car on a circuit? Do you know what the story is about? So by what criteria do you judge?

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