F1 2022: Alpine’s “big step forward” for Singapore

F1 2022: Alpine’s “big step forward” for Singapore

MI know that beyond all the “los” that take place off track, with the seat left by Fernando Alonso still to be filled, Alpine continues to make improvements to the circuits. The next one will be the Singapore GP, and it seems that “a big step forward is expected“for the remaining races before the end of the 2022 season. The objective for the French team remains the fight for fourth place in the Constructors’ World Championship. It is in the midst of a battle with the McLarens. With more emphasis after the Monza race, where neither of them managed to score points.

Something which, touches the sporting director, Alan Permanente was just an exception. Believe “100%” that it is “an outlier“, and that they will recover all the performance for the next appointment. The truth is that neither of the two cars managed to find the optimal rhythm in the last Grand Prix. Although he does not hide either his surprise because He “thought it would be fine”. But that was not the case.

“We drove really well on Friday and that’s the tricky part, that’s what we don’t understand. In the long run without DRS, using all the downforce, we seemed to be doing just fine. we were faster than McLaren and faster than all those who compete with us”, he analyzes in certain press releases collected by ‘Motorsport’.

Because of that, there was no time to waste moving forward. Because even if many are already thinking of 2023, the progress of this season is still important in trying to achieve the objectives set at the start of the season.

“We will carry a new floor for Singapore, which is a major step forward for downforce. We’ll be back where we need to be, and we’re really looking forward to getting there and especially to Suzuka with this car. It’s going to be fun,” says Permane.

“There didn’t seem to be any drama”

What was clear was that something was wrong in Italy. He was surprised, however, as they had obviously been competitive at the low-downforce Spa-Francorchamps circuit last month. They couldn’t catch up with the Mercedes, let alone the Ferrari or the Red Bull, but they were “the first of the rest”. “There didn’t seem to have been any major drama. We had quite a bit of drag, but we thought that was the quickest route for this track and“, says the sports director.

He reckons the car wasn’t as easy to drive as on other occasions because both drivers made mistakes and “it’s not usual”. “I guess in the end we suffered from a lack of rhythm,” he said.

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