F1 2022: Fernando Alonso signed with Aston Martin for 2023

F1 2022: Fernando Alonso signed with Aston Martin for 2023

Bumbilical cord in Formula 1. Aston Martin have announced the signing of Fernando Alonso from 2023 and on a “VARIOUS YEAR” contract thus leaving Alpine at the end of the season.

The The Silverstone-based team made it official on Monday via their official Twitter account, news that shakes up next year’s grid and some of the predictions that were considered.

“Aston Martin clearly apply the energy and commitment to win and are therefore one of the most exciting teams in Formula 1 today. I have known Lawrence (Stroll) and Lance for many years and it is very evident that they have the ambition and the passion to succeed in Formula 1.” assures Fernando in his first words

“Il visto cmo The team has always attracted great people with winning pedigrees, and I have noticed a great commitment to the new facilities and resources at Silverstone. No one in Formula 1 today shows greater vision and commitment absolutely to win, and that makes it a really exciting opportunity for me,” added the Spaniard.

The thirst for winning, intact

“I always have the hunger and the ambition to fight to be at the forefront, and I want to be part of an organization dedicated to learning, growing and succeeding,” points out, implying that Alpine, who wants to continue in F1 with the minimum investment cost, was not at that time.

“We all appreciate that there is so much to do to get to the top and that we must apply all our energies to working together to find the performance. The passion and desire to perform that I have witnessed convinces me to maintain my pleasure and my commitment to this sport. I intend to win again in this sport and so I have to take the opportunities that seem right to me.” picks up in a very ambitious speech.

“These are all options,” he told MARCA in Hungary on Thursday.

After the news of Following Sebastian Vettel’s retirement, MARCA wanted to know in Budapest his opinion on whether this seat was a real option for him. “Any team that hasn’t signed their two drivers for 2023 is an option,” respond first.

Then he said that “My intention is to stay at Alpine and when the intention is the same on both sides, 10 minutes is enough. You shouldn’t point a gun at anyone’s head.” hinting that negotiations with his current team will be brief. Now it seems that those 10 minutes and a few more had already happened and there was no understanding needed.

Aston Martin designs

In our analysis last Friday in MARCA, Fernando emerged as the first option by importance. “The current Aston Martin is a worse car than the A522, but for those at Silverstone, it would be putting themselves in the TV spotlight at every race and for Alpine, leaving it as if they were turning it on. Alonso’s image is a magnet for fans, sponsors and brand impact whoever has it and in Paris knows it or should know it”, said this newspaper that day.

“Lawrence Stroll is also aware of what this would mean for a luxury car company that intends to sell in markets such as the Middle East, Asia and the United States, as well as in Europe. would be no safer bet for the team, which carries the banner of ‘british racing green'”, adds our article from the Hungaroring.

Alonso quera dos os, Alpine le daba uno

The differences in renewal duration with Alpine, since Alonso had already shown he was in top form, they were crucial for the Asturian’s recovery. Fernando wanted two years and Luca de Meo, the real Enstone team leader (not Rossi or Szafnauer, BWT-sponsored manager), didn’t seem to want to give them to him, apart from putting questioning his seat with a rookie like Piastri, who has yet to make his F1 debut.

He did this before leaving Barcelona and it was already clear that there were obvious differences between the two sides. “We have to find a scenario that suits our three drivers. All three are very good and the solution will not be pleasant for the three,” said the Renault group president, surprisingly that day, when Albert Fbrega asked him on DAZN F1 about the renewal of Alonso.

Before that, in Imola (April 24)News has already emerged talking about Fernando’s two-year renewal with Alpine and sources seen by MARCA have warned that everything is not so clear and that Alonso is considering other options.

Fernando had already decided in Austria a week ago to quit the team after the grotesque staging of qualifying when he ran out of battery while searching for the front two rows. In the race, well what we saw, left last because of the umpteenth engine change, able to run fifth, and another “crazy” who came to win everything worked.

Just days after Vettel’s departure and the first on vacation, Fernando secures his future in Formula 1. Aston Martin Racing will be Alonso’s sixth team at the Grand Circus since 2001, after stints with Minardi, Renault (twice), McLaren F1 (twice), Ferrari and Alpine.

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