F1 – 2022 Italian GP: Carlos Sainz: “He came back much faster than expected”

F1 – 2022 Italian GP: Carlos Sainz: “He came back much faster than expected”

Carlos Sainz knew he would have to serve a penalty in this Grand Prix and start at the back of the grid. It was a shame, because he was also aware of the good race pace they had in Ferrari for your home run. In fact, he showed it when he made an almost spectacular comeback in the first laps which placed him fourth already on lap 14. The feelings for Sainz are “good, because I came back faster than expected“, he admits to the microphones of DAZN. “I could overtake almost one car per lap and that allowed me to lose little time”, remember you analyzed what happened in Monza.

The main objective was none other than to be in front of Russell. He wanted to catch up with him to attack the podium as quickly as possible, but when he was fourth, “he was already very far”, he laments. After, “The Safety Car came out and it couldn’t be”, but “we went very fast”, affects the Spanish pilot.

There was a moment, just before the safety car arrived, when he cut him 1.2 to 1.3 seconds a lap. The distance was wide, but not impossible to close. If Ricciardo’s car hadn’t stopped, “I think on the last lap he would have been pinned down and if he had thrown me it would have been unknown”, analyzes Sainz. In the simulation, as he explains, they checked that it looked like from the calculations it would come to the end for him. But it couldn’t be because the safety car hadn’t finished rolling at the end of the race… and At no time did Russell see third position in danger.

The distance with Red Bull

Once again. Victory for Red Bull and Max Verstappen, who was the fastest. But Carlos no longer sees the distance as wide as before. “I think we were closer” reflect. He regrets having had to penalize in this GP, because “we would have had the two cars with a mixed strategy”. He would have done the same race as Verstappen and Leclerc, the same he has done now. “We would have put more pressure on Max”phrasing.

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