F1 – 2022 Italian GP: Fernando Alonso “investigates” what his car will be like in 2023

F1 – 2022 Italian GP: Fernando Alonso “investigates” what his car will be like in 2023

FFernando Alonso is clear that the main objective of this 2022 is Finish the Constructors’ World Championship ahead of McLaren. This is the fight for fourth place, and what he will have to invest his efforts in by the end of the year. After, his next horizon is already dressed in Aston Martin. They have in hand, as he has already assured on several occasions, an ambitious and exciting project for him.

It must have crossed his mind when he got off his Alpine after finishing the race in the Netherlands. He approached his future car and wondered for a few seconds, probably looking at another technical aspect of the car he wants to study. The Asturian does not miss any detail.

I checked the side of the Aston Martin first, moving on to the diffuser and front spoiler. He did it by taking his time, carefully and arms akimboprobably analyzing the situation more than you think at first.

“Always learning, always looking forward!”, points to the Formula 1 tweet in which Fernando can be seen with his first inquiries. He prefers to know a little more about what to expect, after Stroll managed to get into the points at Zandvoort and Vettel finished 14th in his Aston Martin.

Team work ?

In addition to watching the Aston Martin, he and Stroll also went to examine some aspects of the Red Bull. The team took another championship win, and the two were probably curious to see if they were wearing anything different from the rest, given the superiority they usually display on the track.

Although without saying a word between them, both looked from one side to the other of the car. Even the Asturian all to be able to see better. It is something that is completely permitted, it must be remembered.

But the image ended up being fun for people and Formula 1 fans.it looked fun and they didn’t miss the opportunity to share the video, also announcing the arrival of Stroll. It seems that everything is starting to take shape now, not only for this season to end, but also for 2023 where Fernando Alonso is already dressed in the colors and costume of Aston Martin.

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