F1 – 2022 Italian GP: Fernando Alonso: “You have to believe in The Mission with Aston Martin”

F1 – 2022 Italian GP: Fernando Alonso: “You have to believe in The Mission with Aston Martin”

Fernando Alonso He had a virtual meeting on Instagram, on the profile of Finetwork, one of his personal sponsors. There, he answered questions from Internet users of all kinds, although many focused on his future.

Off road.

“It’s a normal day. I had breakfast, took the car and went to an event in Cannes, I was there for two hours. Then I took the bike and I rode for two and a half hours. Then I packed my bags to go to Monza. Everything is pretty normal.”

Review of his second stage in F1.

“Satisfied. I’m happy with the way it went, there are always risks. I had an example with Kimi and Schumacher when they came back. It also cost me the first five races the last year I took a while to adapt, I am very demanding and I would like to go back and change it “This year I am fine, complete, at each evaluation we are between the third and the fourth highest rated. That’s what I had in the first stage.”


“It’s a fun young company, with a touch of humor, like the TV commercials we did last year. They support the national team, basketball. They have this freshness that I like. There is a connection with them. The videos with Joaqun or Romay are pretty”.

Goal to achieve.

“Winning is the goal we all seek. I’ve been lucky enough to savor it in the past and have the tools to win World Cups. Now we’re in fifth. one. I don’t think it makes a big difference what Pérez, Leclerc, Magnussen or I do. Either you win or you don’t. The goal is to have a tool that allows us to fight to win. That’s why we switched to Aston Martin. I’m hopeful for that.”

WEC 2023.

“Difficult, now I’m quite focused on F1 and Aston Martin too. F1 takes all your energy. You hardly have any life left and you sacrifice everything in life. As long as I’m doing F1, I don’t not Le Mans. Then we’ll see.”

Better is possible.

“Always, in sports, without a doubt, as athletes, we are always improving. Knowledge of our bodies, riding style, experience, Miami, you have things that you already think about starting. Always the best is possible. It takes telecommunications. We all want more. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Enjoy the pilot.

“I wouldn’t say I enjoy it more. I still, when I get in the car, I still enjoy it. When I leave it, I still have fun with a steering wheel in my hands. This second stage changed F1, it’s more open than in the Ecclestone era 15 years ago, now there’s a DJ in the paddock, it’s more festive, we all embrace this new environment. “

Triple Crown.

“Until I’m in F1 I don’t want to think about anything else. The calendar is very demanding. I don’t know the future. Now it’s not in my head.”

More satisfied year at the end.

“I don’t know. I was happy in 2012, we lost the World Cup in Brazil, but we arrived in Brazil assuming that losing it was normal. I felt privileged when I arrived. is true that we were champions 80% of the course. I always considered it to be my best season in driving. This year, I think I will be happy with my driving. I lost 40-50 points at the start, I came to Barcelona with two points, but we are having a good year. I think I will be satisfied when I finish”.

The Plan and the Mission.

“Let’s not do it again. Last year, there was enough with The Plan. I’ve already seen The Mission. It’s something that is created in the networks. If it’s written The Mission, it’s fine. It would be nice to appear in a James Bond, “now that I’m at Aston Martin. I would be excited. We will have to believe in The Mission. In F1, at the start of the year, you are in a position and you usually finish. It’s not like tennis or football. “There are few surprise moments in F1. It can be frustrating for the fan.”

The worst race in F1.

“It could be Fuji 2007. I wasn’t focused on this race, I was stressed, it was raining, I couldn’t read the track. I needed points. I was too focused on winning.”

Best friend on the grill.

“At the moment, with Carlos (Sainz), we have known each other for a long time. Outside, the second will say Verstappen. He is an excellent driver. We sometimes share the journeys.”

The Alps, at the Museum.

“Of course. Everyone I compete with goes there. It takes a year or a year and a half, for confidentiality. They will all be there.”

Aston Martin.

“Yes, I’m confident we’re going to do a good job. They have all the resources and the talent, they’ve signed number one engineers. This year they started badly, but often times starting badly gives you the spark of wanting to change. We will try.” to reverse the situation.”

See the Red Bull.

“Many times you look at it. You have heard the engineers and you look at it, from an ‘amateur’ point of view. In recent races, I have approached the Aston Martin, to see the seat, the steering wheel, it It’s more about comfort than performance.” speed”.


“I don’t know if there will be another season. We are watching.”

Aston Martin t shirts.

“We have to wait until March.”

Relax with Alpine.

“It’s the ideal, it’s and being my family. What Renault has achieved is to be part of our history by having won the world championships. They are an extraordinary group of people, nothing n has changed. We will take different paths, but with love and respect.”

Podium in 2022.

“It’s tighter than other years, but you need help from the cars in front. We’re there, sixth, seventh and if there’s a touch in front, we’re just there to take that opportunity. less in one, we’ll have the opportunity, let’s see if we can take advantage of it.”

Victory 33.

“I hope.”

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