F1 – 2022 Italian GP: Ferrari complains about the end in Italy: “You have to be faster with the safety car”

F1 – 2022 Italian GP: Ferrari complains about the end in Italy: “You have to be faster with the safety car”

Bholding on discomfort at Ferrari and at the ‘tifosi’, which filled the stands of the Autdromo of Monza. The The Italian Grand Prix ended under the “safety car” regime, on lap 53, after in the 47 Daniel Ricardo had a breakdown and that his McLaren could not be removed quickly enough, and that there would still be a certain working distance to adjust.

That’s just what Michel Massi, The F1 race director in 2021 has rationalized the controversy Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021, so that the World Cup does not end in this sad way, in slow motion, and that yesterday it was not possible to do it on time. It is true that there was nothing important at stake, except ferrari pride, which could Verstappen attack with Leclerc in the closing laps as the field comes together, but the fact is that F1 backs off when it comes to dealing with these safety car timeouts, with no apparent justification.

Ferrari CEO Mattia Binotto found a rope to hold on to after an bad rhythm of F1-75 with the media and an erratic strategy for Charles as reckless. “We were waiting for a safety car and the FIA ​​withdrew it, but the race was not restarted afterwards. We don’t understand why the cars couldn’t unroll sooner. You must be faster. Formula 1 deserves a great show”, exclaimed the Italian. They are mistaken if the cornerstone of their strategy is to wait for an incident for the peloton to regroup. It is an unequivocal sign that they feel weak against Verstappen, Well, they are capable of beating Checo Prez.

“I don’t think the rules need to be changed. We talked a lot about it after Abu Dhabi. We are disappointed with how the time it took to make the decision to release the safety car and McLaren itself was enforced. I know it was a difficult area to get the car out of, but there was time to get back to racing. They didn’t have a good day (the race director), because the regulations are good, what to do is better apply them and I hope he will do better for the future because it’s not good for F1,” Binotto told international media.

Directors of distant categories

There is controversy over the appointment of two new administrators at the start of the year, as Niels Wittich (50) and Eduardo Freitas (59). The first comes from Formula E and the DTM, basic categories in motorsport compared to F1. The German started at Monza, clearly overwhelmed by events.

The other director who alternates with him is the Portuguese Freitas, who comes from the World Endurance Championship (WEC), a competition which is calculated in hours and where speed is not necessary. He has a reputation for being bossy and has little to no dialogue with directors and pilots, according to those who have dealt with him.

Michel Massi, the Australian who replaced Charlie Whiting after his death at the Australian GP in 2019handled the F1 tempos much better, but his head was claimed by Mercedes for repairs for losing the World Cupl (by his own mistakes) vs. Verstappen in Abu Dhabi 2021.

As this race approaches, the teams have agreed to minimize the “safety car” protocol, if this happens, for finish in competition order and that’s what Masi did, very wisely. The title was decided at a run and on the track and that has been invaluable capital for the current explosion of F1. They should replace him in his position, to avoid embarrassing scenes, like the off-road in Austria or what happened in Monza. Or at least give some lessons to the current ones.

No pacing options.

In addition, Binotto He spoke of Red Bull’s recent improvement in race pace: “They are even faster. We stopped Charles so early because we had more degradation than Max. Maintaining the strategy would have harmed us, because if we had stayed on the track, he would have entered, so I think it was the best option for us”, justified the boss of the Scuderia. In honor of the truth, they didn’t have it easy in Monza to beat the RB18.

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