F1 – 2022 Italian GP: Sainz: “We want to make life difficult for Red Bull at Monza”

F1 – 2022 Italian GP: Sainz: “We want to make life difficult for Red Bull at Monza”

Monza is one of the most anticipated circuits on the calendar. His tradition with Ferrari guarantees one of the best entries of the year. And in the team, they know it. too Carlos Sainz, who continues to be competitive on the track despite the fact that, as he himself admitted on Sunday after the Dutch Grand Prix, “everything that could go wrong…went wrong” in Zandvoort.

With this scenario, we arrive at Italian GP. The ‘tifosi’ will not give up theirs, but they are undoubtedly disappointed after a mid-season which seemed to be going better, but which ended up certifying the Red Bull exhaust at the constructors’ and riders’ world championships.

Although it points to a penalty for Carlos. Probably, and although there is no official confirmation, I will have to change the engine. Better to do it now than not in future races, although we’ll have to wait and see what decision they make in Ferrari.

In the meantime, he remains motivated. He wants to put on a show after a year that is not up to what he had promised at the start, with these two consecutive victories for Charles Leclerc. “Monza is going to be an incredible weekend. With everyone there, full of people, battling it out with a competitive Ferrari… I think that’s the best possible scenario you can have as a driver of race, right?”“, recognizes the Spaniard in some statements published on the official F1 website.

He is therefore focused on the “goal”, although he also knows that in every Grand Prix there is “always a lot to do, always more press time, more events, more extra pressure”. But he wants to enjoy the moment no matter what, trying not to let anything blind him in that regard.

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc | FERRARI

Like Charles Leclerc who increasingly escapes the World Cup with an intractable Max Verstappen. But the objective now seems to be to secure the best possible position in the Manufacturers’ classification. It is important to get the best position. Red Bull has escaped and Mercedes are still on the lookout… with seven races to go in the world championship. Many things remain to be decided.

Red Bull stays strong

After Spa, if there is a similar circuit, with similar settings, it’s Monza, isn’t it? He is questioned. He talks about the performance of the cars on the track. And the biggest fear remains Red Bull. He knows they’re going to be strong there, but that doesn’t mean we can’t react and at least make life a bit more difficult for them.”

It’s complicated, but not impossible after all. “You know that victories can still happen in different ways. You may not be the fastest, but you can find a way to get there and win, so we’ll give it our best,” says the Spaniard, who also claims to have “grown up” watching and enjoying F1 it also makes you feel more used and comfortable.

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