F1 – 2022 Italian GP: Vettel is now attacking… the President of Italy!

F1 – 2022 Italian GP: Vettel is now attacking… the President of Italy!

Sebastian Vettel He does not hesitate to criticize. To almost every country F1 treads on, extends its environmental message. This has already cost him the retort of some politicians, like in Canada, but with the announcement of his withdrawal, the German is focusing more and more on this issue every day and does not miss an opportunity to attack anyone, like this happened, for example, in Monza. with the President of the Italian Republic himself, Sergio Mattarella.

The president visited the Formula 1 “paddock” on Sunday, for the race, and the Teuton didn’t like anything about it airplanes who traditionally leave their mark with the tricolor will cross the grid.

That’s why, after the grand prix, Vettel was tough on the leader. “They told me that the Italian president, Sergio Mattarella, had pushed very hard for the usual ‘Frecce tricolore’ parade to take place. He’s almost a hundred years old. I see him as an act of selfishness and for him it is not easy to understand it given his age. This sport had promised that things like this would not happen again, but despite that, decided to bow down to the president. All of this runs counter to established agreements about wanting to phase out emissions in the years to come,” he said.

Seb, in case there was any doubt, left the message again: “We set goals to make the planet a better and more livable place, so we must not neglect them at the earliest opportunity.”

carpenter the farmer

The German also surprised by exposing what he can devote himself to when he leaves F1. “I really like to play with wood. Who knows, maybe take a course to become a carpenter. Maybe it fills me up so much that I only dedicate myself to building chairs afterwards. Or I say, after a year, “It’s fun to do something once in a while, but that shouldn’t be my goal in life now,” he blurted out in Die Zeit.

Moreover, he does not rule out being a farmer either. “There are many ways to approach agriculture. I didn’t know about this before. Where does our food come from? Because? On the one hand, it’s very analog, but on the other hand, it’s also related to technology, new and modern technology.”

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