F1 2022: Lando Norris: ‘It’s not that I hate driving my car, but it’s very inappropriate’

F1 2022: Lando Norris: ‘It’s not that I hate driving my car, but it’s very inappropriate’

Ethe performance of McLaren this Formula 1 season is not going as planned. For now, walk away Alpine in the Constructors’ World Championship. Although it is also true that they are still fighting for that fourth place that grants the privilege of being something like “the first of the rest”, considering the fact that Red Bull, Ferrari and now also Mercedes are very far from the performances of the others.

Own Lando Norris has repeatedly stated that he was not entirely satisfied with the performance. It’s logic. And that, although his car is not, he is the first of the others in the driver standings. Because he has 88 points and is seventh overall. Behind, Esteban Ocon with 66 and Fernando Alonso with 59.

Is Daniel Ricardo the one behind. He hasn’t felt comfortable at any point in the season. He didn’t even reach 20 points; there are 19 looking in his locker. Something that contrasts a lot with the performance of his partner, especially at the start of the season.

Now it’s Norris talking about what’s going on in his team. Even as well as it went for the, that he was able to have an adaptation perhaps better than that of his partner. He knew how to handle the single-seater. An adaptation that brought him his work.

“We said that Daniel was not adapting to the car and everyone thinks I fit in and the car is done around me, but it couldn’t be more wrong,” he said in statements collected by the F1 web portal.

And it goes even further, because “at the beginning of the year, he adapted much more to Daniel than to me, regarding the way you must have driven it. And that’s something I really struggled with at the start of the season.”

“I feel like I’m driving a car quite similar in terms of characteristics to the one I drove my first year in Formula 1. [en 2019]. Ha changed slightly, but nothing I would say today fits me better than in my first year of racing,” continue to explain.

So, from his words, we understand that this is not an easy season for him. “It’s not that I hate driving the car I’m driving now, but it’s very inappropriate for my driving style.” Norris thinks.

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